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    Adventure Van Anyone?

    Huh, there are 4wd Spinter vans been around a while.
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    EV Adventure Van

    These guys are way ahead in van conversion segment. Will be interesting to see what they do with the Amazon van. I should say adventure van conversion.
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    GMC Hummer EV teaser video - 1,000 HP and 11,500 ft lbs

    Meh, I’m with skyote on this. Let the consumer set the market. Too much government as it is. Consumers and manufacturers progress just fine without government intervention. Smart phones, 8K TV aren’t really necessary but yet we consumers have those options. Consumers demanded smaller cars in the...
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    Economic Reasons to Buy an EV instead of a gas powered car

    Although the longevity of braking components on EV’s make sense do they require they require maintenance due to the reduced usage or is this accounted for by not engaging regen until the brakes are engaged for a few cycles to keep pads and rotors clean?
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    Brake Lights

    Given the regen braking capability do EVs use an accelerometer to engage the brake lights or is some other system employed?
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    Another Truck Concept - Nikola Badger

    You input is welcome from my perspective . I actually had commented before, although I did not respond directly to a post of yours AJ. As commented before my post, the whole point of...
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    EV Chargers: How to Choose the Right One for Your Home

    All useful info. Appreciate all the input, particularly AJ.
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    a peek into the battery technology pipeline

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    Preproduction Rivian R1T spotted testing at Tierra del Fuego!

    While I agree with the KISS approach, I wonder how easy it would be to push them open when they are iced up. I do hope they have tested this if that handle will be the final version.
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    That tank turn though......
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    Anyone else not a fan of the seat design?

    Well if you plan accordingly you will have power available to run a vacuum when your done.
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    Thoughts on Glass Roof?

    Hopefully if they have them they will be optional. This is not something I would want on truck being built as an adventure vehicle. Nor would I want the added heating and A/C drain in extreme temps. Also, wouldn’t want the weight penalty and potential reduced rigidity. Now a solar roof and bed...