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    What new information are you excited to get?

    After configuring my R1T is suggests we check in regularly for configuration updates. Seems logical that we'd be informed of any new configuration options. Does anyone know if they'll let us know when new options become available, or whether we'll need to manually do so?
  2. J

    Rivian Launches New Website: Updated Prices, Launch Edition, Timing, Colors and More!

    Agreed. Not sure which interior goes best with the Launch Green exterior. Definitely not more green. Tough call between the other two options.
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    Email update on Rivian Configurator, Financing, Brand Store

    Agreed. Dealer-based transactions are so painful, and if it's going back in time, it's going back to a bad time. We're all excited about the configurator. I'm hoping they get it right from the start, and if that takes a few extra months, with the same delivery date, I'm good with that.