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    Toyota - First to Commercialize Solid State Batteries?

    I'm willing to bet this is why Subaru is announcing an EV in the "Mid 2020s" - relying on Toyota's cells to power their vehicle.
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    Bloomberg article: Rivian vs everyone else

    Of which laws are totally an old-money ploy to retain wealth.. By the time an IPO hits the public, all the money has already been made.
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    R1S Range and Energy consumption

    One thing I dont understand... Your wheel size comparison. The overall circumference of the tire among wheel sizes should be comparable, so why should that effect range? You should be looking at tire sizes if you're comparing to other makes to determine the influence of the overall rotational...
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    Ha! I spent 3 days and nights forging I-80 from the western border to Laramie (then down 287) one winter.. It's very real. I feel like a solar roof charging option would be essential.
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    5 Seat versus 7 seat

    I was sort of assuming you'd be able to remove the 3rd row seat and the versions would be identical. If that's not the case, I may adjust my configuration and go with the 5 seat version.. If the 3rd row takes up battery room to accommodate for a folded flat floor I think the 3rd row is out for...