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    Canadian delivery timeframe

    The more delays, the more the cost goes up:
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    This appears to be the bike fork mount, if anyone else was curious like me:
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    Canadian orders - June 2022 update to delivery windows

    I'm in BC, nothing on my account. Though my account is still showing USD, so maybe it's broken somehow.
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    Anyone heard production of Max pack
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    MTB Tailgate Pad

    @RedDragon thanks for sharing! A very interesting option to consider. How stable are the bikes? Think it's sufficient to handle a fast drive on logging roads without the bikes shifting too much?
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    Out of Spec review on 500A charging

    I find it very odd that there's still so much work and tuning still happening on battery charging. What has Rivian been doing the last few years? I guess this was mostly just PR fluff:
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    Rivian R1T vs GMC Hummer EV Comparison Test Review by Motor Trend

    In the Motortrend article: They sure are sticking to that statement 😆, and then only have themselves as a reference. I trust Kyle from the Out of Spec folks MUCH more (and simple logic).
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    Effects of cold weather and wind on range - R1T owner's observation

    How long was this 49%-85% charging stop?
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    Rivian spotted in North Vancouver, BC, Canada

    One of those side-angle photos makes it looks like it had BC Parks plates on it? So maybe it an actual "customer" (employee) vehicle?
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    Your Friday update is here

    I for one appreciate this additional communication! Even if it's not a huge update, it's nicer than radio silence.
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    Your Friday update is here

    You can thank the spammers for this. It's hard to email lot of people without getting blocked or marked as spam. You have to build up your reputation slowly over time otherwise the algorithms cut you off. Crazy world out here in tech land.
  12. aAlpine

    Out of Spec: R1T Charging Curve, Cost and Analysis

    Welp, we can see now why Rivian kept quoting that 20 min charging speed. Since I wanted a road trip vehicle, I'm quite happy to have my order delayed until the hopefully next generation of hardware or software.
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    Owners: What are your biggest gripes so far?

    Damn, Rivian is really bad at this charging thing...
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    [RESOLVED] My R1T is leaking brake fluid
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    Out of Spec Reviews: How R1T handles in the snow

    Oh I see from there website you're right! Nice! I was just checking where only the Rivian stock tires are listed.
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    Out of Spec Reviews: How R1T handles in the snow

    Go look if the Nokian tires exist in that size. Or anything else for that matter. Better to avoid the 21 inch wheels sadly.
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    Error trying to login to

    Same here. I'd suggest trying again later, probably just a temporary issue on their end.
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    Rivian App Update 1.3.0

    Yeah, a bit of a mess, and they didn't even do that for everyone. My Canadian order still shows in USD. I'd love to pay in USD and not pay the extra few percent they snuck in there when making CAD pricing, but I'd bet that won't happen in 202? when I finally get my delivery.
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    Rivian App Update 1.3.0

    Rivian app still not available in the Canadian Google Play Store (not that there's anything to do with it anyway).