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  1. BrayBay

    Rivian Lab Car, Computing Hardware, and a tease

    Few of my personal highlights RJ Scaringe being super excited to see the "Lab Car" Liquid cooling on the "Autonomy Experience" compute module VP of Hardware Engineering Vidya Rajagopalan hints at some new updates coming Any eagle-eyes out there spot anything else interesting in the video?
  2. BrayBay

    Which safety features are enabled when?

    I know this wasn't in your original list, but I do remember seeing some videos of owners complaining that Rivian won't let you drive unless the door is closed and the seat belt is buckled. This "safety feature" seems like it can be really annoying, as I'm sure everyone here has at least one time...
  3. BrayBay

    3rd party dash cam

    Other brands to consider are: ThinkWare U1000 BlackVue DR900X-2CH VIOFO A129 Pro Duo Those are 4k UHD models, but those brands also carry lower resolutions if price is a concern. Also I would always recommend a two channel dashcam minimum. You never know if someone is going to come from the...
  4. BrayBay

    Rivian Launching Boat *IN* Bear Lake Idaho - HILARIOUS!

    That's amazing! What a capable vehicle. No doubt in my mind a Rivian will just cruise through hurricane seaon street flooding!
  5. BrayBay

    Steps - can we talk about steps

    I think about this a lot, especially that picture posted on My concern is really more for elderly people (i.e., parents) that may struggle getting in and out also. Hoping for "kneel mode" to help with this, if it ever comes out. Or a nice...
  6. BrayBay

    Installing my Rivian spare tire (and kit) - experience writeup

    Thanks for sharing your experience. This picture terrifies me. Something about lifting and holding an 8,000lb truck with a jack like that gives me anxiety. Fortunately you were in a garage, but I couldn't imagine trying to do this on the shoulder of a busy freeway in bad weather.
  7. BrayBay

    Amazon's Rivian Electric Delivery Vans Begin Making Deliveries Across the U.S.

    Cool interview, thanks for posting. The business plan with the Amazon vans seems really solid. I hope RJ is okay though. Those coughs!
  8. BrayBay

    Products & Accessories for Rivian R1T/R1S by TWRAPS

    Bookmarked! Hope the best for your business! I'll be keeping an eye out for accessories for whenever my R1S arrives.
  9. BrayBay

    The Story Behind In-Vehicle Delivery App in Rivian Electric Delivery Van (EDV)

    I thought it was interesting to see the collaboration between Amazon and Rivian on the Electric Delivery Van. What I'm really hoping for is what ever "maps" and navigation the EDV uses gets shared with the consumer vehicles. Pretty neat monitoring systems are implemented also.
  10. BrayBay

    R1S Photos From Rivian Employee Family Day

    Oh no... now I'm thinking about switching to Launch Green from these beautiful pictures!
  11. BrayBay

    Rivian and RJ feature on CBS

    What a good response to that bait question. I know its hard to avoid, but I wish people would talk more to Rivian as its own company rather than compare to Tesla all the time.
  12. BrayBay

    R1T Network Traffic

    Great work finding out these details. Hopefully the software team can deliver a great experience over the life cycle of the vehicle.
  13. BrayBay

    Center Console/Organizer

    Just saw this, how about a refrigerator? Designed just for Ford and GM for now. I might prefer a frunk sized one actually.
  14. BrayBay

    Debadge Rivian R1T - for those curious to see what it looks like

    Nice look, did you use a heat gun, some thin wire, and then buff it out? Personally, I would do the same (R1S in 2023, lol), but try to get a hold of a spare "compass" logo and center it on the rear.
  15. BrayBay

    R1S Delivery Update Email (June 30, 2022)

    Late to the party (?) but I received a 1st half 2023 notification also. Actually works out for me personally, I'm in no rush. More time also hopefully means more time to work out the software experience and quality control issues.
  16. BrayBay

    Sizing Up the R1S : Official Rivian Feature. Explore our uncompromising sport utility vehicle from every angle.

    Riding one (edit: an R1T) in person recently, I kind of wish there was at least a hidden running board. Not for me, but I can imagine children, the elderly, or someone with physical constraints having a hard time. "Kneel Mode" being official would work too.
  17. BrayBay

    Houston 2nd Meet Up Saturday, June 25th at 9am Location MKT Heights

    Nice hanging with y'all today! Great location too. Shout out to @Voronbrg for the short but sweet test ride. Looking forward to the next meet up, hopefully I'll contribute with an R1S soon🤞
  18. BrayBay

    R1S (vs R1T) Exterior Walkaround Video by TFL

    Nice preview. I wonder when the embargo will end. Can't wait to binge all of those!
  19. BrayBay

    Towing trip report from Austin to San Antonio Texas

    Thanks for sharing. How hot was it and did the A/C keep up? Texas been getting some heat blasts recently!
  20. BrayBay

    Here's a look at the wireless charger coils on the center console.

    This picture reminds me of the Apple AirPower that never got released. Rumors say it got way too hot. I wonder if Rivian ran into the same engineering challenges?