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  1. R1S : Oct-Dec Delivery

    same on both counts above
  2. OPINION: What to name Rivian Launch Mode?

    Not my original idea but a buddy that I talk to about Rivian and Tesla etc: Sk [=0==0=] T mode
  3. R1S update email from Rivian (June 11)

    I'm a May/June window and this email had no new info. Corp speak, nonsense, malicious compliance with their promise earlier this week.
  4. Northwest Rivian Roundup on Friday, May 13th

    I don't know if I can get away this Friday, but I would highly recommend that any curious person with the time go visit the "riviots" at the roundup. The 5? that brought their trucks last time were very gracious and I'm very glad I went to the first one. :)
  5. R1S May/June Delivery Window

    First I was the passenger and and as we got on the freeway ramp he asked if I was ready. I thought I was. Then he hit it at about 20mph. I was not ready. o_O While getting pressed back into my seat I wondered if I was going to see spots. My parents have had fast Acura. BMW turbo, Lexus...
  6. R1S May/June Delivery Window

    Technically I have not, but I did get a R1T test drive from our friendly neighborhood Ducktruck a couple weeks ago. Once again, Rivian community outperforming the Rivian corporate. ;)
  7. Ocean Coast & Forest Edge interiors delayed. RJ making announcement this week.

    I know many people try to get extra info from the CS staff, but this was my brief question today: "How may I help you today? Me: I have a question about my R1S order configuration in light of the Ocean Coast delay email. CS: Yes, with your R1S order being in the May to June window, if you...
  8. R1S guide contact?

    I have Feb 2019 Reservation R1S LE LG, May-June window, restored pricing, and watching daily for Guide. Nothing yet, but good to see others getting contact!
  9. Portland Area Meet-up April 8th

    I expect to be there. Don't have anything to show off, but thankful to the early R1T owners who will share their good fortune with the rest of us! I might bring my GF and her son (16) who helped me remove the pool from my garage and I promised him opportunity if/when/how I take delivery of my...
  10. Can a garage floor support 2 Rivians?

    I had a 3700gal pool in my garage for 5+ years. So: not a four point load, but several tens of thousands of pounds on half of my garage slab. Didn't see any issues when I disassembled and removed it. ;)
  11. May/June Deliveries Thread

    May-June R1S LE LG OC 21" road and CS said earlier this week that I should expect a Guide contact 4-6 weeks before whenever that window gets solidified. So, mid-April I will check back with CS on that.
  12. Thread for the grizzled. Who had NOT changed their configuration yet?

    I never changed my configuration. I got on with CS chat and THEY told me what my new price would be. LE R1S LG OC. I have a May-June window in Portland Oregon. While confident SOME change would occur after the price hike, the facts are a monumentally bad decision passed MANY meetings, the...
  13. PNW Roll Call

    got May-June 2022 so will be glad to join up (pending viral apocalypse) with the group!
  14. ? Rivian Sends Delivery Window E-Mail. What’s Your Dates? => Vote in Poll!

    got mine too: " Your Launch Edition R1S delivery window is now May - June 2022. " Feb 2019 PreOrder, PDX OR
  15. Rivian Service Centers / Retail Locations List / Other Facilities (Pics & Updates) I put in the address and found only some Plumbing permits for this year. I suppose a call to the permit counter might get you the applicant info?
  16. Rivian Guide Contacted Finally! (For Real) ?

    I'm in PDX as well, with LE R1S so hopeful that your Guide contact is a sign that the Portland service access is suitable for early delivery group. PreOrder Feb 2019 (crossing fingers). Would be great to buy you a cup of coffee at your place of choosing for a tour of the "quirks and features."