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  1. Mister Person

    Peak Bagging - R1T's first 14er

    Oh man that Forest Green looks good! I keep changing my mind between that and El Cap for my R1S! I've got some time to decide...:crying:
  2. Mister Person

    California For Sale: 21" OEM Wheels & Tires

    I don’t get this. These are the only tires that will fit on this wheel.
  3. Mister Person

    Rivian Q2 earnings - released with pre and post thoughts.

    8000 orders added in the last 3 months. I'm surprised and sort of expected more. Any idea how that compares to the previous 3 months? I also wonder if they mean 13000 minus 4000 delivered (or something).
  4. Mister Person

    Official email from Rivian offering Binding Purchase Agreement

    For anyone with a pre-3/1 reservation, they've already been through that. I doubt Rivian would mess with us again without being SUPER CLEAR about it. For anyone with a post-3/1 reservation, this was already the case.
  5. Mister Person

    Official email from Rivian offering Binding Purchase Agreement

    I signed it, but am now slightly concerned that Rivian won't let me make config changes, won't let me use the R1 shop, and will feel emboldened to push out my delivery date.
  6. Mister Person

    Tax Credit Changes in new bill [LOCKED DUE TO POLITICS & ARGUING]

    A real climate bill would work to reduce human activity. Not spend hundreds of billions to increase human activity. Of course, we don't want to reduce human activity.
  7. Mister Person

    Struggling with wheel choice

    Just to add to the aesthetic ding people are giving the 21's, I do think they look derpy on the R1T, but not nearly as bad on the R1S. I think they look better on the shorter wheelbase.
  8. Mister Person

    Carplay? Next?

    Tim to RJ: "Hey, great cars, call me in 3 years when your cash runs out."
  9. Mister Person

    Apple announces major updates to CarPlay

    Let's not forget that if you don't own an iPhone, or if it's not with you, you don't have CarPlay. Therefor, all of these vehicles need to have their own solution in addition to supporting CarPlay. Also, I find it incredibly hard to believe that any of these auto manufacturers are willing to...
  10. Mister Person

    Give up your 3rd row for MAX battery (extra 100miles)?

    isn’t that an R1T max pack?
  11. Mister Person

    El CAP GRANITE Rivian Club & Photos

    It's got so much sparkle in it that it reflects the surroundings, giving it this every-changing quality and depth. Forest Green seems to have as much sparkle. Here are a few pics from my first mile drive.
  12. Mister Person

    I hesitate to say... guide contact R1S, 9/21 order date

    Also an R1S Sept ‘21 order. El Cap on Black. Would love to see mine before 1H23, especially if that means June. Anyway, congrats and have fun!
  13. Mister Person

    El CAP GRANITE Rivian Club & Photos

    Sorry to be philosophical… Well, I’ve reconfiged about a dozen times but I’m back to where it sat the longest, El Cap with Black Mountain. I’ve seen that in person and while it’s certainly going to be the most ubiquitous combo it’s the one that is most “me”. Strange how these color choices are...
  14. Mister Person

    My thoughts, two weeks into R1T ownership...

    Is this Apple Lossless over Bluetooth? I take it that’s the only way to listen to audio from an iphone.
  15. Mister Person

    FOREST EDGE Rivian Interior Photos

    Yeah I get that. Here are some pics from my first mile drive. There's enough going on here for me, personally.
  16. Mister Person

    FOREST EDGE Rivian Interior Photos

    I'm really waffling between Black Mountain and Forest Edge. I've seen both in person. I want to like FE but to me it's distracting. The dash already has a lot of lines and different materials. Adding the grey/green/wood stain on top seems too busy sometimes. My first mile drive was in an El...
  17. Mister Person

    New install of L2 chargers in Michigan by Rivian

    Gimme those RAN chargers from Chicago to northern Michigan!
  18. Mister Person

    Keep the color threads for R1T and R1S combined, or split up?

    Break them up. The colors have different effects on the 2 body styles. IMO.