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  1. RayzorBEV

    Update: Rivian All-Weather Floor Mats begin delivery October 2022, with logo changed to black

    Boo! This means my R1S will have the ghost logos where as my current R1T has the nicer colored logos. Rivian should give buyers a choice, even if they charges extra for it : (
  2. RayzorBEV

    Pics without aero covers?

    Just added these generic hub caps to my R1T
  3. RayzorBEV

    Satin Black Powder Coated Rivian Factory 21" Wheels

    Very nice. My guy charges $695. I'll be going with a more matte with slight metallic flake in it similar to this on my 2022 Acura MDX. Reasonable for my neck of the woods.
  4. RayzorBEV

    R1S Delivery Update Email (June 30, 2022)

    Ditto. OC interior, estimated delivery 1st quarter of 2023... : (
  5. RayzorBEV

    Not liking one pedal driving

    My R1T is my 3rd EVs with OPD, and each one reminds me of driving an electric go-karts or electric bumper karts; instant deceleration as soon as you lift off the Go pedal : )
  6. RayzorBEV

    Vehicle (Tag) still not registered

    What I have noticed is many DMVs are suffering from staff shortages so cases get pile up...
  7. RayzorBEV

    Error Message: Person, Animal or Loose Cargo in Gear Tunnel

    My driver's side Gear Tunnel release button now requires TWO presses to open the door. The first press does nothing, made no sound, then when I press it one more time, you can hear the normal electric release noise and the door is then release. Add this to my "to be repair" list : (
  8. RayzorBEV

    Officially Unofficial R1T Aftermarket Accessories Discussion + Reviews

    I purchased a rectangle AD Organizer from Walmart ($13) and squeezed it into the isosceles trapezoid floor console. Works well. The interference fit holds it in place while a center handle pops up, allowing you to lift it out of the way if you need to access the Camp Speaker. This adds 2 more...
  9. RayzorBEV

    Sun Glasses Holder Mod

    I purchased a visor clip-on from Amazon for $6.79. Holds my sunglasses, ID cards, receipts, etc. Can be clip over onto the door storage flap.
  10. RayzorBEV

    Working Magsafe / Magnetic Qi Wireless Charging Pad Install! - DIY Writeup

    I used a simple $5.99 solution that seems to work for me. No modification to the existing charge pad. I simply added a thin nonslip silicon pad over the existing one, cut to fit. Fully reversible. It charges even with a TPU case still attached, holds my Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G in place...
  11. RayzorBEV

    Wireless charging Pad (should be renamed the slide around no charge pad)

    I purchased a thin silicone mat, cut it to size and place it over the wireless charging pad. Even with my slim TPU case on, it wirelessly charged my phone and the grippy silicone prevents my phone from sliding around. I also used the silicone mat to secure my radar detector on the dashboard : )
  12. RayzorBEV

    EA Electrify America Network is like a box of chocolates... 2000 mile trip report

    Ditto in regards to EA's charging stations being spotty at best; they are not maintained well enough to be called reliable. I used EA for my R1T and Polestar-2 during road trips and each time EA manage to be the killjoy. I utilize free L2s at hotels and workplace as much as I can. These stations...
  13. RayzorBEV

    My thoughts, two weeks into R1T ownership...

    That's basically what Phoenix SC mechanic told me but Rivian is tracking this defect. They are looking for ways to correct this via body shop if it's even possible.
  14. RayzorBEV

    R1T Trip report. Round trip Portland OR to San Jose CA

    My overall efficiency is 2.57mi/kWh
  15. RayzorBEV

    R1T report- SF Bay area to Henderson, NV - 537 miles, 67 mph avg, HOT - 2.05 mi/kWh

    This is what I have so far, approx 1459 miles, 36mph avg, 2.57 miles/kWh. I'm happy with it : )
  16. RayzorBEV

    Charging your R1T 70 or 85%

    I have been charging mine to 100%4 times total during my last road trips (900miles) and and this is what is shown in Conserve mode
  17. RayzorBEV

    Rivian R1T charging curve test 20-80% [by TFL]

    I ran into 6 inoperable EA 350kW CCS Chargers this past weekend along my 440 miles, across 3 states, charging route; wasted a little over 1 hour just diagnosing, trying, switching, calling EA tech support, resetting the EA apps, etc. Also noticed the EA screens are virtually unreadable when the...