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  1. Take a Tour of the Rivian Plant Email

    I was one of the first customers to do the test drive at Normal last year and as great as the R1T was to test drive, the whole factory/operation seemed so far way from actual mass production. It's pretty amazing what progress has been made since then in Normal. This company has been just...
  2. Take a Tour of the Rivian Plant Email

    It is the first time during this whole process that I actually feel confident about what's going on down in Normal. I fully expect now to take delivery of the R1S during the Oct-Dec period that they just gave me. Things are coming into shape- really looking forward to owning the vehicle. There...
  3. R1S updated estimated delivery window email (received June 11)

    Similar to many others I was originally Jun/Jul and am now Oct-Dec. Not too bad. As much as many of us can't wait to get the vehicle, I'd rather not be in the first 2 months of the rollout. Build quality seems to improve as time goes on. R1S LE Nov 2019 Northern Illinois
  4. R1S May/June Delivery Window

    I called CS today because I had been expecting an email about delivery status before the end of May. The latest info from them was that only the OC pre-orders would be receiving that email just to see one last time if they wanted to change their configuration etc. FWIW she said that my Jun/Jul...
  5. If the stock hits $18 tomorrow I'm dropping $10k on it

    Completely agree. It was tremendously over valued before like so many of the hyped-mania stocks, but now this is actually ridiculously cheap..Bought some Tues, more today and hoping for a dive after earnings for the stock so I can get some more
  6. RIVN is close to cash value

    It should be noted that with all the negative news surrounding the company that the shares have gotten to a level where it gets pretty difficult to break much further. At year end they had over $18bil in cash on hand or$20/ share against just $1.5 bil in debt. They expect to burn about $1 bil...

    BUY RIVN tomorrow. The quarterly report should be disappointing this afternoon after the close. This will be a good opportunity to buy the shares. I have bought some today and will buy more tomorrow. Why? Because unlike the other startups RIVN is sitting on $17bil in cash against only $1.5 bil...
  8. Misguided article by Outside Magazine

    Thanks. That was a very detailed response/answer that pencils
  9. Misguided article by Outside Magazine

    Good points. I agree completely. What I didn't like about the article was his snarky criticism of the current offerings, when to get to a smaller truck with boosted range you need to have these types of early versions to set the stage for progress. I have a question about battery efficiency. I...
  10. ? Rivian Sends Delivery Window E-Mail. What’s Your Dates? => Vote in Poll!

    I think your sentiment probably represents the majority opinion. It's a car/truck and not a major deal but man, it would have been nice to know this quite a bit earlier, and they easily could have communicated this to us a number of weeks ago.
  11. ? Rivian Sends Delivery Window E-Mail. What’s Your Dates? => Vote in Poll!

    June / Jul 2022 LE R1S Chicago Ordered 11/19
  12. Will Rivian ever deliver vehicles to non-employees?

    Those are indeed the pertinent questions. Does it really matter if I'm contacted on Nov 29th instead of Nov 25th?
  13. 8 business days until Thanksgiving… are LE preorder holders getting contacted by our guides?

    Over a month ago CS told me around Thanksgiving and then recently said it was by month end. No need to really parse this out . I think it's encouraging that the process for LE holders will be starting
  14. Quick Chat with CS about delivery timeframes

    I'd put the number of deposits at 30k when LE orders closed. Off that reservation number graph on this site I figured my reservation number to be somewhere between 15k and 18k given my Nov 2019 deposit date. I'm pretty sure that they received at least another 10k plus from Nov 2019 to Nov 2020...
  15. 8 business days until Thanksgiving… are LE preorder holders getting contacted by our guides?

    Got the same response today with CS for my LE R1S...all LE prorders will be contacted by a guide before end of the month What are there, maybe 20k LE orders? If they've hired just 50 Guides that'd be only 400 emails per guide, or 40 per day for 10 days. Shouldn't be a big deal to accomplish it
  16. Quick Chat with CS about delivery timeframes

    When did you order the R1S and is it a LE? It seems that the LE vehicles will be taken care of first. Today CS told me that I would be contacted by a guide before month-end. I have on order a LE R1S and using the graph on this forum site, I estimated the reservation number to be somewhere...
  17. Updates on Rivian production ramp from 3rd S-1 amendment [filed 11/5]

    If you don't get your delivery until Q3 2024 then the share price will be in the tank. I think that the Tesla Model S rollout shouldn't be a guide. They didn't have a sales pace to warrant a significant jump in production back then. I ordered a Model S in April 2013 and had the car delivered 3...
  18. Updates on Rivian production ramp from 3rd S-1 amendment [filed 11/5]

    It's all speculation but it's probably safe to assume that the company is setting themselves up post IPO to under-promise and overdeliver. Once the stock is trading, any problems will impact the share price in an exaggerated way. Odds are, they will exceed these delivery targets, but by how...
  19. New Delivery Delay Confirmed - My R1T Delivery Pushed From October to end of February, 2022.

    I agree completely. The fact is that a lot of the hand-wringing etc here could have been avoided if the company had simply made a legitimate effort to communicate with their customers better. When Nissan started the whole new era of mass production BEV's there must have been a lot of complex...