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  1. MountainBikeDude

    Update: Rivian All-Weather Floor Mats begin delivery October 2022, with logo changed to black

    Honestly, the yellow accents was the biggest selling feature of them for me. I tend to kick off my flip flops etc for long road trips, something about the full tactile connection with the pedals is appealing to me. rubber floor mats would feel odd. But I'm odd driving barefoot, so there's that too.
  2. MountainBikeDude

    RJ Provides Overview of In-House Single Motor Drive Unit Design

    I loved her in one of the previous Rivian movies where she told RJ she thought the headlights were "Ugly" and RJ told her, that's okay, they'll grow on you. Loved her blunt sass
  3. MountainBikeDude

    Tonneau cover repair scheduled–redesign ready?

    As long as it works, that's the main thing. The good thing is it's all covered under the comprehensive warranty, so it's in Rivians best interest to engineer a durable version that requires near zero re-service after install.
  4. MountainBikeDude

    Software Spotlight Version 2022.27.02 -- Official Rivian Feature

    Wait a minute... they IMPROVED range loss by 15% overnight?? Now there's 15% MORE Vampires, or 15% less?
  5. MountainBikeDude

    Comparing your R1T to your previous truck (1500 Limited in my case) Little smaller haha, but looks like the Silverado EV is taking a page from Subarus book on the fold down rear
  6. MountainBikeDude

    Tonneau cover repair scheduled–redesign ready?

    Fingers crossed its the revised version
  7. MountainBikeDude

    2024 Rivian R1X - Speculation & Rendering [Motortrend]

    From a while ago, but this was a spy shot of what is likely the prototype
  8. MountainBikeDude

    Which EV Reservations Do You Have (any EV)?

    Nothing like high quality CG paired with a computer generated voice reading a script to entice you. If it weren't for all the sketchy business stuff Alpha has going on, their designs are compelling enough (very 80's toyotaesque) I would enjoy driving one. If they ever became a reality.
  9. MountainBikeDude

    R1T doesn't shut down

    Is show and tell mode active by chance? Someone mentioned it the other day and it leaves all the lighting and screens on when engaged. Edit* Here is the setting
  10. MountainBikeDude

    the bleeding edge

    Admittedly my balls tucked up a bit when I saw the gash and bloody mess. That one corner is a bit of an oddity in that it's far enough out from the trucks body when deployed that it would make for a nasty gash someone not paying attention and walking past or into it. With that however, you...
  11. MountainBikeDude

    Fluid Leaking Under Truck

    Zooming in on your photos, some of the drops appear to be quite clear, which is likely just condensation from the coolant system as others mentioned. The difference with Rivian vs ICE vehicles is it will continue to run the cooling system while the vehicle is parked/charging if necessary to...
  12. MountainBikeDude

    Comparing your R1T to your previous truck (1500 Limited in my case)

    Good to know, as I'm going to be coming from an Xterra having driven it for 12 years, and the interior etc is nearly identical to the previous Frontier design. I think the thing I most look forward to, is the buttery suspension (by comparison) and a few more automated creature comforts.
  13. MountainBikeDude

    Comparing your R1T to your previous truck (1500 Limited in my case)

    So a Subaru Baja would fit this category too?
  14. MountainBikeDude

    Service center crashed my R1T

    Not belittling your experience, but as my coworker (who used to work at Toyota/Lexus) just pointed out, so many vehicles get damaged during transport to dealers, you just have no idea your "new to you" car has been in an accident and promptly repaired before hitting the showroom floor because...
  15. MountainBikeDude

    Service center crashed my R1T

    Given how looney the 405 is by the Bellevue SC, I'm inclined to think it was another driver at fault. With regards to repair time estimates, at this point, thats going to be a shot in the dark as the vehicles are currently in such limited supply, and spare parts are going to be difficult to come...
  16. MountainBikeDude

    What do you want addressed in the next OTA update?

    I know it's not integrated into the UI, but the Trail Forks app is 5 star for mountain bike trail map locations and descriptions from users
  17. MountainBikeDude

    How NOT to change your wheel: Rivian Mobile Repair to the rescue

    Give your "rivian" time... after a while, the wrong hole, will become... The right hole ;)
  18. MountainBikeDude

    Where's the Tinted Banner on the Windshield?

    Don't want to be the one to say it, but OP's name....
  19. MountainBikeDude

    Where's the Tinted Banner on the Windshield?

    80's throwback haha
  20. MountainBikeDude

    Where's the Tinted Banner on the Windshield?

    I've had the option to have a "top tinted" replacement winsheild on my current vehicle but declined because i've personally never really liked, nor found a need for one. As @CommodoreAmiga touched on, I too use polarized glasses, which cut only glare by blocking horizontal light wavelengths...