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  1. domoplaytime

    Anyone looking at getting a snow plow attaching to front hooks?

    Other forum posters have complained about the incredible acceleration in reverse. I sense an interesting solution to your problem.... at least less foolish than doing donuts in a lake or playing tug of war using a trailer hitch.
  2. domoplaytime

    Can the underbody shield be added later?

    My understanding from other forum posts is: No. I worry that may be true as well for the winch, which Rivian removed from the configuration choices long ago but claimed will add back later. And I'd prefer not to have an after market winch that runs on the 12V computer battery, when I could have...
  3. domoplaytime

    Ocean Coast - Waiting or switching?

    I am. Plus I am hoping November/December will have trucks produced with: Properly tightened and secured bolts for the underbody, alignment, suspension, bed interior, ... am I missing any mentioned here in the forum? Other various sources of clicking, clacking and clunking noises (CV joint?)...
  4. domoplaytime

    Recommend a sun shade that fits

    Has anyone had success with driving on bumpy roads with the sunroof HeatShield in place?
  5. domoplaytime

    What's first for OC batch builds?

    We're finally seeing batches of Adventure builds with addons like reinforced underbody. Will Rivian start with those configs (Adventure, 20" ATs, underbody) first when pivoting to Ocean Coast interiors (fewest changes to their batch setup), or will they reset to the simple configs first when...
  6. domoplaytime

    Comparing your R1T to your previous truck (1500 Limited in my case)

    As I loaded hundreds of pounds of paving stones into my Model S, some dude walked by and said, "nice truck." It is, thank you. I will use my toys as trucks if I want. At least the R1T has an open bed. If the Subaru Baja were a four motor EV then perhaps I'd be reading those forums while watching...
  7. domoplaytime

    What is the feature that people respond to when they approach

    It's so funny how dudes will rush to help a guy struggling with a manly task. Years ago I broke down in rural Texas at a gas station, and a parade of dudes wanted to impress their arm-ladies by offering to help. I was under the car and looked like I knew what I was doing, so I guess they figured...
  8. domoplaytime

    List of Things to Inspect (LOTI) When taking Rivian R1T delivery

    I've created a read-only copy of my checklist here: Message me if you want to help edit, or post replies here and I'll incorporate them.
  9. domoplaytime

    Comparing your R1T to your previous truck (1500 Limited in my case)

    I miss my parent's beat up old Dodge (pictured here in '98). One headlight sagged like a stroke victim, and the driver's door would swing open on its own on hard right turns. The passenger door was a different color and had the logo of a construction crew, so we kept a few parking cones in back...
  10. domoplaytime

    Is rear-wheel drive mode possible in OTA update?

    It's a shame Rivian doesn't offer coast mode (no regen breaking) at least when using Conserve. The front tires are certainly going to wear faster if the back don't get to participate in slowing the vehicle down. That said, I won't be using coast or Conserve much, lest I regret my choice of 20" ATs.
  11. domoplaytime

    Can we rely on 12V power for appliances?

    I've heard of EVs getting bricked when their tiny 12V battery were taxed too much and couldn't power the computer system. Can we rely on the Rivian 12V for extended use with portable coolers, etc? Rivian used to have a winch option but removed it, and I really hope they're designing one to use...
  12. domoplaytime

    Earliest Ocean Coast Delivery Estimates?

    Preorder 5/2021 R1T Adventure large pack, RB/OC, 20 AT + spare, powered tonneau, reinforced underbody, (winch, if they add it back) Delivery Window: est. Nov - Dec 2022 ... also in my signature, but that may change.
  13. domoplaytime

    2022.23.3 OTA Update: Pet Mode, Parking Front Camera View, Cabin Light Adjustment, Updated Energy App & More

    I don't have a way to verify yet, but can't you set the behavior upon park to leave the vehicle locked?
  14. domoplaytime

    List of Things to Inspect (LOTI) When taking Rivian R1T delivery

    Here's the list I've been working on, though I have many months before taking delivery. Test Steering alignment Suspension All drive modes Road noise at various speeds Driver assist features, lane drift warning, cruise control Compressor Tonneau cover Tail gate Frunk and subfloor BT speaker...