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  1. KingTodd

    R1S Delivered: maybe employee affiliated

    In the FB comments, she mentions that her husband is an engineer for Rivian.
  2. KingTodd

    Forest Edge Interior photos request

    Forest Edge? Is that the one that in another thread someone called "puke green"?
  3. KingTodd

    A little fun with drift mode at the beach

    AT 00:12 seconds...WTF is that on the beach....a big skate?? Oh and nice looking truck
  4. KingTodd

    Hit the Rivian Lotto!

    While I understand why many here will be pissed off to hear this, I am happy that Rivian is being proactive on getting combinations out the door to people who have a configuration very similar to something that doesn't have a home (apparently). Post some pics when you get can rub it in...
  5. KingTodd

    Two Hours After Delivery and Put to Work

    First off, I am alerting the mods that you made a positive post related to Rivian. Expect to be banned shortly. With that aside, luck you and she is beautiful. Keep us updated on what you learn and as always more pics are appreciated.
  6. KingTodd

    Oct-Dec 2022 Delivery Windows

    Were you able to get a test drive before delivery? If so, where? thanks
  7. KingTodd

    What’s up with the R1S videos so far?

    I've been watching all fo the R1S reviews that pop up and overall I am satisified with them. They have provided the best info to date regarding the size of the interior, what can fit in there, how flat the seats fold, the interface and how it handles. Before these, the only review was from...
  8. KingTodd

    Happy 4th of July!

    This picture is as American as it gets!!!! Unless those fireworks are from China
  9. KingTodd

    Next R1S delivery timeline update email coming July 1 - says customer service

    Just got my new window...was Oct-Dec 2022, and now 1H of 2023 This email came a day early so I guess Rivian still underpromises and over delivers
  10. KingTodd

    1st fire of the season and power outage - Rivian to the rescue (powering fridge, router, hot water heater)

    Thanks for posting some positive news related to Rivian. It's not surprising to me that as more of these get into people's hands that the message boards will be taking over with people posting about problems...seems to happen on every vehicle message board.
  11. KingTodd

    Next R1S delivery timeline update email coming July 1 - says customer service

    I'd participate in that if I thought the response would matter. Clearly, their word from less than 2 weeks ago isn't something we can rely on, so if CS told me today about when I would receive an email, how much value is there in that?
  12. KingTodd

    R1S updated estimated delivery window email (received June 11)

    I haven't heard sh!t. Sunday should be 2 weeks, but a previous post in this thread said that CS informed them that Tony's email actually includes all of next week. I don't know why I want that update so badly, because all it is going to do is move me backward once again. I could say that I...
  13. KingTodd

    R1S updated estimated delivery window email (received June 11)

    They didn't promise a date, but they did say that Rivian would announce the timing of a "longer range R1S after launch". Launch was supposed to be August 2021 for the R1S. If they had said they wouldn't be offering a longer range R1S in 2021 or 2022 (maybe even 2023), then many of us would have...
  14. KingTodd

    R1S updated estimated delivery window email (received June 11)

    As bad as it may seem for some of yins LE R1S reservation holders, those of us that didn't go LE are going to have it worse. I could have gone LE, but I was sold on that Max Pack with its 400+mile range. It would roll out about 6 months after the LE, and I could wait that long I said. Now I...
  15. KingTodd

    Take a Tour of the Rivian Plant Email

    They aren't doing anything wrong by getting this video out to those with orders since not everyone is into the social media thing. And with that said, this email really pissed me off, because I am still waiting for an R1S update and thought this would be it....just for it to be a f'en video...
  16. KingTodd

    First look at @ “Introducing the R1 Shop” -- Rivian website to shop for R1T that delivers in 6-8 weeks

    I don't know the answer, but thought about this same question and can't see how this would occur if they mentioned they are focusing on employee deliveries for the R1S first. I think that is called a run-on sentence.
  17. KingTodd

    UPDATED 6/2 - Delivery day (Hello!) and Return day (Goodbye) ... argh! "Ride height change not possible due to overheated air compressor"

    I agree we are seeing more problems posted, but also that should be expected now. The reason could be that more people own Rivians now so there will be more problems reported. If you belong to any other auto specific boards, then you likely have seen this before. I belonged to a Tesla Model X...
  18. KingTodd

    My thoughts, two weeks into R1T ownership...

    Thanks for An honest, informative, and succinct should get a reward! Not from me, but from someone who gives those out :) Hope you share more as you drive more!
  19. KingTodd

    Current look at Brooklyn Rivian Service Center's parking lot full of R1T

    Im in the LHV as well. If you would be OK with it, once received would you either post some nice pics of your R1T on a sunny day, or allow someone to drive by someplace you are comfortable with to take a look from a distance (not inside it or face pressed up against window). Im in line for a...
  20. KingTodd

    Should we just petition to change "Red Canyon" to "Canyon Red"

    A petition won't do for something as important as this. We need people everywhere to storm the production facility and shut it down until this change is made! Also, all canyon red orders in line ahead of my orders should cancel their orders in protest.