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  1. ja_kub_sz

    R1T CV Axle Boot Issues (Q&A)

    Hello all, Got 1,700 miles on my two week old R1T and noticed a slight wobble in high speed driving (80+mph) and thought my alignment seemed to pull to the left. Had my alignment checked and was told/shown the my rear passenger CV joint had a boot leak (grease everywhere). To what degree they...
  2. ja_kub_sz

    After Price Increase Who's Canceling?

    I feel a good deal of us knew this was coming, but I didn't expect these kind of price changes. This one's on the chin and in the gut, and feels even like a low blow all at once... It hurts... A lot!
  3. ja_kub_sz

    Step It Up! (Tailgate Step)

    Anyone see this? I'll take this in a heartbeat!
  4. ja_kub_sz

    Rivian R1T MAX PACK delivery update from customer service -- Q1 2023 Possible

    Hello, Rivian called today and informed me I could change my Max Pack order (11/27/18) to a Large Pack Adventure trim and get 2022 delivery, but would have to wait 2 weeks to hear back when I could expect delivery in 2022. They also told me that "if" delivery was Q4 2022 (not happy), I could...
  5. ja_kub_sz

    $80 to Fast Charge Your Rivian!

    Reading through the Motor Trend write up for the R1T and this jumped out to me. $0.43 a kilowatt-hour "pre-tax". That's basically $80 bucks just to fill up your Max Pack R1T with electrons. And the scary thing is that's where we're at now, let alone where we will be. Is anybody worried about...
  6. ja_kub_sz

    OPINION: What to name Rivian Launch Mode?

    Well on the heels of the Motor Trend truck of the year 2022 news, I was just thinking about in the future for over-the-air updates what do people think the name should be for the Rivian based launch mode for its vehicles? Tesla has a Cheetah Mode, what would people here on the forums think a...
  7. ja_kub_sz


    Okay... To all I'll post more but got into the R1T today at the First Mile event in Normal. Here's the set up. I'm 6'0" and 190lbs Torso and legs are ah, normal? ? Pant size 31x33 I personally got into the drivers seat of the R1T, made the adjustments so it would be my everyday seating...