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  1. svet-am

    Anyone Cross-Shopping the Audi e-Tron SUV?

    As an LE R1S pre-order left in limbo, I'm starting to cross-shop so I can get a vehicle in this calendar year and maximize my combination of state and federal tax credits. My wife already has a Volvo XC40 Recharge Pure Electric that we really enjoy so that's definitely on the table - especially...
  2. svet-am

    Denver Service Center Open House - Anyone Get an Invite

    Just saw this on Reddit. Did anyone here know about this and/or get an invite? I guess I'm still not important enough to Rivian to be included on things. Despite the repeated commitments to "treat the pre-order holders better" they keep dropping the ball.
  3. svet-am

    PSA: Be VERY Careful with the Rivian DSP/IPO and Vehicle Delivery

    If you're one of the people who elected to participate in the Rivian DSP/IPO, remember that you will be a partial owner of Rivian once you have your stocks. This is a direct relationship with Rivian. As we know from the boards, your delivery won't count since you have a direct relationship with...
  4. svet-am

    My Q&A with Rivian reps at Venice Hub

    I went by the location in Venice today shortly after the opened at 9am. I had a list of questions (below) and both Olivia and Mark indulged just about everything I had a question for. Some of the answers were a little disappointing but others were good. Before I get to the questions, I want...
  5. svet-am

    MKBHD Has the Rivian R1T

    Just saw this posted over in r/rivian on Reddit. Marques Brownlee has an R1T for two days. Ooof. Poor TFL. :LOL:
  6. svet-am

    Where are the Official Rivian Documents Being Published?

    It’s awesome that we’ve gotten the manuals for both the R1T and the charging station, but I’m curious how people are finding these. Are people just constantly spidering the Rivian website looking for new collateral?
  7. svet-am

    Roll Call for the App - Android versus iOS

    I'm interested in people weighing in on their mobile device platform of choice. For a long time I saw Rivian focused on iOS development based on job postings but recently I see more Android developer positions. What is the general demographic of this community? Is it split roughtly 50/50 like...
  8. svet-am

    Insurance Cost / Quotes / Premiums Thread

    I am not intending this thread to be about the Rivian insurance per se. I am hoping that this can start a discussion about what various Insurance companies are quoting for premiums. I’ll start. I called my local independent State Farm agent. I already have multiple lines of insurance /...