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  1. CyklopsPDX

    Some thoughts about the R1T after one month

    Completely agree with Mike on the pedal mapping. It's remarkably easy (in All purpose mode) to crawl forward/backwards. It was a concern I had prior to owning since I park in a fairly tight garage. I have a 2x6 on the floor that I roll into as a mark/bumper to confirm i'm far enough forward...
  2. CyklopsPDX

    Mirror cap removal?

    If you're talking about the L/R rearview (external) mirrors, they snap on. I only know because after owning mine for a couple weeks I walked up and the passenger mirror cap had come disconnected, leaving a half-inch gap between the painted part and the black. I'm not sure how it happened, but...
  3. CyklopsPDX

    A new gathering at the classic Rock Creek Tavern!

    Just cleared the evening - see you all there! Will anyone have a rooftop tent attached?
  4. CyklopsPDX

    A little fun with drift mode at the beach

    No- no issues for me with the compressor. The chuck sealed well (it attaches firmly to the stem - and I can walk away to start the compressor). It took a few tries to get the sequence right [who needs manuals!!] but once I figured out to set the pressure, then hit 'go' it took care of the...
  5. CyklopsPDX

    A little fun with drift mode at the beach

    Did something similar in my Limestone R1T a few weeks ago north of Seaside (OR) on the 21's. Same, had no issues getting through the deeper sand at the beach entrance. I went down to 35PSI (just a wild guess at the time) and had the pleasure of airing back up with the compressor afterward...
  6. CyklopsPDX

    R1T Scuba Trip: The Drive & The Dive

    Thanks, we were there a few months ago (Pre-delivery). Great place to dive, though a bit long of a surface swim to get to any of the wrecks to the North and spend much time. Loved the South wrecks and cool features! Definitely will get the R1T out there this Fall/Winter.
  7. CyklopsPDX

    Nothing went wrong during our 600 mileish road-trip…

    Missed you in Kelso by a day - but I had the same issues with those chargers on Sunday (see my Scuba post). For me I finally got one of the 350kWh's to connect and charge. That Mall is ghost-town, and I barely found 15 min of time-wasting stuff to do! CyklopsPDX
  8. CyklopsPDX

    R1T Scuba Trip: The Drive & The Dive

    Hi All, Yesterday marked my first Scuba run with the R1T, and despite a few glitches I think I'm going to like this platform! The trip was a simple drive from the Portland area to Tacoma, WA for an overnight, then morning Scuba at Redondo Beach Park in Seattle (just North of Tacoma) followed...
  9. CyklopsPDX

    Not liking one pedal driving

    Ha.. Same exact scenario -though I was looking at the Spotify screen rather than an RV going by. I had my foot slightly touching the accelerator - apparently since the Rivian was in 'Hold' mode when I looked down I had relaxed a bit. The next thing I knew my wife yelled - "You're ROLLING!!"...
  10. CyklopsPDX

    LIMESTONE Rivian Club & Photos

    Limestone at the Coast (Oregon). Bonus: Sibling encounter!!
  11. CyklopsPDX

    What do you want addressed in the next OTA update?

    I'd love to see the speedometer calibrate itself with the NAV system. I have the 21" wheels/tires and my indicated speed is about 5% high. This matches Kyle's speedometer issues on the 20" rims (well documented in his range videos). I was hoping that the issue was the wheels, but no. It is a...
  12. CyklopsPDX

    FOREST GREEN Rivian Club & Photos

    Looks like you hacked into my account! And my hobby set. My FG R1T with 21 Road wheels and crossbars will also be garaged near the woodworking equipment...!
  13. CyklopsPDX

    Many of you are mistaking how to think about the order queue...

    There are a lot of factors involved, apparently - and there certainly are not regular updates to delivery projections across the entire order base (like we enthusiasts who hang on every word typed in the forums would hope!) I have Adventure/Large configured - but it was originally or in Nov21...