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  1. Rivian_Hugh_III

    Rivian 20" Aero Covers

    I’m reconsidering my El Cap reservation, thinking the world doesn’t need another drab black-grey truck. That got me looking through Google Images for other colored Rivians, including this silver one below. The wheels of this R1T caught my eye. I believe they’re a little different than what is...
  2. Rivian_Hugh_III

    Celestiq to compete with Bentley and Rolls-Royce
  3. Rivian_Hugh_III

    When will R1T redesign tweaks begin?

    Tesla makes continuous improvements to their vehicles, if I understand correctly. When do you think the R1T will start seeing minor or major design improvements like a handhold at the front door, a redesigned wireless charger, a running board option, a rear bumper with a toehold for a step, a...
  4. Rivian_Hugh_III

    When will R1x get V2H like the Lightning?

    I think we would all like the ability to charge our house or another vehicle with our Rivian. It’s a massive battery after all; why not use it in a pinch for tasks other than driving? (Sorry if there’s a thread on this but I couldn’t locate it through Search.)
  5. Rivian_Hugh_III

    Munro Live: Instrument Panel Analysis

    Young Gandalf does a nice job
  6. Rivian_Hugh_III

    180 degree tailgate

    What’s the institutional memory around here on the fabled 180 degree tailgate? With the gooseneck on the hinge I would think it would be extra nice. Was it ever a thing? Like a plan or promise or a legit hope? Does it appear to be coming at a later date? Would you choose it as an option, say...
  7. Rivian_Hugh_III

    AT 20" Black Wheels Wrong in Configurator

    I've never been enticed by the 20" AT Black wheels. They look so dull in the configurator. Consider the following three screenshots, taken on March 21, 2022. Notice how the wheels look matte, almost like they are made of felt or have a fuzzy finish that absorbs all light. BUT THIS IS NOT...
  8. Rivian_Hugh_III

    Poll: Choose your 5 Favorite Colors

    Also, what do you think is the best color, the biggest miss, and the color that should be in the palette but isn’t?
  9. Rivian_Hugh_III

    New R1T High End Offering in the Offing?

    Rivian just introduced a lower end R1T with dual motors. This will help them compete with the lower priced, lower spec’d competition. Might they introduce a new high end offering with more powerful motors, special paint, and possibly other features like 4-wheel steering, wench, or other...
  10. Rivian_Hugh_III

    Would you sell a product below cost?

    Rivian can’t sell these vehicles at 2018 prices and 2022 costs. I cannot understand how people think they *deserve* a truck sold at a loss for the company. The 20% increase represents four years of inflation, plus the rise in parts costs over those four years, which according to several people...
  11. Rivian_Hugh_III

    YOUR VERY BEST Screenshots of R1T

    Do you have a folder of R1T photos that stop your heart? Please share the very best images here, even if they are repeats. ONLY THE BEST PHOTOS, PLEASE!
  12. Rivian_Hugh_III

    The EV Car Insurance Business

    Here are the first three paragraphs of the CNBC article on EV’s and insurance: "For consumers who have found that costlier insurance is just one of the expenses that make electric cars trickier to love, this is the year when relief may be coming. "Tesla says its company-backed insurance, now...
  13. Rivian_Hugh_III

    $5 Billion National EV Infrastructure Plan

    CNET reports, "The NEVI plan (the National EV Infrastructure plan) is allocating $615 million in funds for 2022, with the disbursements already planned from now through 2026, with the caveat that the government has to approve the state's individual plans for spending. Beyond the initial $5...
  14. Rivian_Hugh_III

    When Will R1’s Get 4-Wheel Steering?

    Four-wheel steering seems like a gimme for an electric vehicle with a motor on each wheel. I’m surprised Rivians weren’t designed with it from the start, especially considering how visionary they have been about so many aspects of the vehicle. Do you think 4-wheel steering is coming any time...
  15. Rivian_Hugh_III

    OTA Updates Free Forever

    From the website it appears you won’t need the membership to get OTA updates that add new features:
  16. Rivian_Hugh_III

    Removable Roof Coming in 2022

    From the website:
  17. Rivian_Hugh_III

    Better Ways to Charge EV's?

    I'm curious why EV's have evolved to require a hand-held attachment for charging. This made sense for gasoline, but it doesn't make sense for EV's IMHO. It seems to me an under-vehicle automatic charging device would be much more convenient. You would plug it in and then lay it on the ground...
  18. Rivian_Hugh_III

    Limestone is LG for the Masses

    Apparently Rivian Central finally decided Nardo Gray would not be as popular as Launch Green. Having promised to make the latter exclusive, they pulled Limestone into the same color space, with just a tad less green and a little more blue. But it’s essentially Launch Green for the hoi poloi...
  19. Rivian_Hugh_III

    Would You Robotaxi Your Rivian?

    ARK Investment Management recently shared this slide, saying that society’s move to "autonomous ride-hail" will increase GDP more than the steam engine and IT. In five years’ time, would you allow your Rivian to autonomously drive itself around town to taxi people and enable them to haul? The...
  20. Rivian_Hugh_III

    Self-Applied Vinyl Wrap??

    I found a YouTube about a 3M vinyl wrap product that looks dead simple with great results. Has anyone used the 3M "Designer Wrap" product? Do you have any comments about whether this would be a good idea to do yourself? EDIT: I see the video is from 2014. The product may no longer be...