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  1. Rear Seat Entertainment - iPad or iPad mini case or mount?

    Does anyone have any recommendation for iPad or iPad mini cases or any other type of mount really that fit securely on the hooks of the front seat? I know it could hang there but looking for a way to make it a bit more secure.
  2. First Mile: Unsure

    I left…I’m finding a difficult word for it, underwhelmed? I’m trying to figure out of my experience is unique to the circumstance/location or reality. It looks exactly how I was expecting it to look. The size was exactly what I was expecting. The features all there. The colors were surprising...
  3. Rivian Alarm / Gear Guard: Break-in caught red handed (video recording)

    Stumbled upon this during my daily "Rivian R1T" YouTube searches where two people broke into a R1T to steal a purse. Given the effort, I'm surprised they didn't steal more than just the purse but I digress... During the video you see them jump back into the car. Sometimes you can see a car...
  4. Fees at Delivery?

    Aside from sales tax, did anyone have any fees at delivery? Or was your price what was listed on configurator + applicable taxes?