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  1. Gavinmcc

    Coming up: Sept trip to San Diego. What will happen if I visit the service center?

    So I'm flying from Albuquerque into San Diego late September for a conference. I do have a day off and thought I would try to visit the Venice Hub...but not sure if I want to spend 4 1/2 hours round trip traveling up the coast. So I thought I might check out the local service center instead. I...
  2. Gavinmcc

    R1T updated estimated delivery window email...Did any go out this week?

    There is a nice long thread related to a June 11th email that supplied (both good and bad) new delivery estimates for a number of people. I was not one of them. I am now waiting on the release of a new batch of emails, and was wondering if anybody here has received an updated estimate email...
  3. Gavinmcc

    Saw my first Rivian in Albuquerque!

    Riding home from work on my electric bicycle and saw a person sitting in a White Rivian. The first I’ve seen in New Mexico. It was a young woman and I didn’t want to impose myself, so I just yelled out, “Nice truck, I have one on order.” “Thanks, you’ll love it,” she yelled back as I continued...
  4. Gavinmcc

    Question about trade in

    I've read a few posts where people talk about the benefit of trading in their car to Rivian vs Driveaway or others services. Just wondering: is it a tax benefit? a convenience benefit? I was thinking of selling mine to Driveaway and then using that cash to bring the price down on my R1T. But...
  5. Gavinmcc

    A question: off roading where there is no cellular

    Does the Rivian have satellite or some way to access internet or cellular where there are no towers? I mean I guess the answer is no, but I will go places in New Mexico where there is no phone service and I would pay extra for some way to not be totally isolated if something goes sideways
  6. Gavinmcc

    What’s at the Venice Hub today

    I had a post and somebody had a great suggestion: You should start a thread called "What's at the Venice Hub today?" so that folks can post updates about what's on display. I would definitely hop a flight to go see a production spec R1S in person. Heck, I might even hop a flight if Limestone is...
  7. Gavinmcc

    A funny effect of the price disaster

    Background: I have never paid anywhere near 80k for a car or truck. My Chevy Bolt is the most expensive car I’ve bought. So while I was pretty sure I was going through with my purchase come Oct-Dec 2022, there was a chance I might decide to back out and either keep my Bolt or get one last ICE...
  8. Gavinmcc

    20” AT vs 21” standard tires.

    So I’ll be driving 80% city roads. 15% highway. Last 5% would be back mountain roads at 8000 feet above sea level. Now the 21” tires would work for 95% of my driving, and maybe even those last 5 in summer and fall. But winter (snow) and spring (soooo much mud) would be ok maybe? Truthfully I...