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  1. Colorado Checking In

    Your sig says ocean coast, is that still true? OC was officially delayed to the fall.
  2. 1up rack fitment on bed crossbars

    They are. They fit nicely. I don’t know about the other attachment method (and their site warns you about this in advance) but it is only attached with some Allen bolts, so easy to remove, especially since you can slide in and out of the Rivian crossbars without fully unscrewing the bolts. Nice...
  3. 1up rack fitment on bed crossbars

    we ended up with these too after our Thule racks were not working for carrying above the bed. Large and medium 29ers fit, definitely have the racks biased towards the rear but they do not stick out further than the rear-most point of the truck.
  4. CO extends charging network

    Heard that the Ouray chargers are officially open, although not much plugshare activity yet. Pricy! But glad to have another option down there. Looks also like the Moab charger is acting up... That is one place it would be nice to get some more chargers. Hopefully that is high on the RAN...
  5. How are you planning to haul your ski / snowboard gear?

    Hope they fit. We might also just put them straight in leaning against the tailgate and close the tonneau. My wife really enjoys her wailers.
  6. How are you planning to haul your ski / snowboard gear?

    Here is another reference point, 181 rockered skis fit diagonally. Pretty nice for a day at the ski resort I can probably fit everything else in the gear tunnel/frunk and wouldn’t be too annoyed with them taking up the whole bed. 170cm skis fit next to them in the photo.
  7. Not liking one pedal driving

    Honestly I enjoyed having the ability it turn it off in the Id.4. rivian's 1 pedal driving is much better, but sometimes it's nice to coast on the highway, especially downhills in the mountains. And "matching your deceleration with the power meter" is not the same as coasting.
  8. Conserve Mode Efficiency Improved? Rivian R1T real world range on a 900 plus mile trip averaged 2.7+ miles/kWh

    What is everyone using for “available kWh” when calculating range based on a driven efficiency, 135 kWh? I seem to remember a video mentioning available battery is closer to 125kWh… if I calculate a “100%” battery using the consumption listed in the trip details and the % battery used it does...
  9. Colorado Checking In

    Nice to hear her experience with conserve. With rare exception I am on the grandma end of the spectrum. Just did a trip to steamboat and back and averaged 2.28 mi/kWh with two bikes on a hitch rack in primarily conserve, and was pretty impressed with that efficiency on the 20” wheels through the...
  10. FOREST GREEN Rivian Club & Photos

    does this count? Ok one that actually shows the color. It looks really good in the sun.
  11. CO extends charging network

    That is very useful, thanks for sharing all those details. Sounds like golden -> grand junction is probably possible but a little tight. Pretty impressed with how far you can get around in the mountains down there on a charge. For the highway driving did you stick to all purpose?
  12. CO extends charging network

    There are some new non-tesla chargers in telluride too as of recently, according to PlugShare. Thanks for the update on those ouray chargers. Lake city -> silverton -> yankee boy basin -> montrose? Do you have any rough estimates on the % charge that took? We will probably head down that way...
  13. Poll: Does your tonneau cover work?

    Mine stops about an inch short or closing and opening, and doesn’t sound nice, but not totally broken… I don’t have much faith though. Ticket in with service but no word yet.
  14. CO extends charging network

    Wow that would be awesome, especially if he is right on that timeline. I am excited to see some of these chargers on the state's plan, but the timeline to get some of them open has been pretty slow. I know supply chains are difficult... But that Ouray one has been in progress for so long. If...
  15. CO extends charging network

    Very glad to see Gunnison "In progress" on that map, that is one of the biggest holes I find in the state. And then when that Ouray one finally finishes, basically everywhere I go will be easy in an EV. Fantastic.
  16. September - October 2022 (New 6/11 delivery estimate)

    Thanks, it did. Sorry to hear about your issues hopefully the next comes quick.
  17. [New Email] Rivian offering discounted XPEL PPF to existing owners

    Installer I just spoke to had a similar sentiment. He wouldn’t honor it and said it doesn’t include edge wrap. His pricing for the front is about $300 more so not a huge difference, just mentioned it to see what he would say.
  18. Limestone, Adventure, Black Mountain, 22" Delivered - Timeline Enclosed

    Bummer it wasn’t a great experience. We took delivery yesterday in Denver and our guy stayed late to continue showing us things about the truck (was at our house for an hour and thirty minutes).
  19. Colorado Checking In

    Ok this thing is too much fun. I am going to get in trouble driving this around. Looking forward to seeing some of you on the roads.