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  1. dotlinetriangle

    Tonneau cover repair scheduled–redesign ready?

    General consensus is that repairs to the tonneau aren't being scheduled until redesigned parts arrive in mid-August. I just got the call to schedule my appointment in 9/2 and indeed the work order specifies a remove and replace.
  2. dotlinetriangle

    Washington Want to buy: Badges/Lettering

    Debadgers! I'm looking for a set of rear and side letters. One of my favorite design features is the yellow highlighting on the Rivian letters on the side, and I'd like to do the same on the back. Plan A is to paint the sides, but I have zero faith in my skills there. Plan B is to use the side...
  3. dotlinetriangle

    (Fraternal) Twins separated at birth (R1T + Delivery Van)

    I definitely won't admit to stalking my Amazon packages on the off chance that my particular delivery would be delivered by a Rivian Delivery Van–that would be the behavior of a crazy person, right?!? Anyway, after rushing out a couple times only to find a Ram ProMaster idling, I finally caught...
  4. dotlinetriangle

    R1T vs Model Y, a ridiculous comparison review

    This is an absurd comparison. The Tesla Model Y and Rivian R1T are such different vehicles on both price and type, you’d never put them head to head. What’s better, a Porsche Macan or Ford F-150 King Ranch? A Mazda CX-5 or Toyota Tacoma? And yet, due to the weird time in the electrification of...
  5. dotlinetriangle

    Unbelievable trade-in offer for Model Y

    I didn’t want to post this until I actually did the deed in case somehow it was all some kind of big mistake. I’m not posting to brag, but rather to let folks know not to sleep on the trade in! Rivian offered $63,000 for my 2020 Tesla Model Y Long Range (only upgrade from the base model was 20”...
  6. dotlinetriangle

    Dash cam options?

    Until we get official dash cam options from Rivian, I think it’s a good idea to mount a DC-powered one. At least it’s pretty easy to run the cable down to the bottom center DC port as shown here, but can anyone test whether the port is switched when the truck is off? I want to avoid contributing...