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    Explore Model Question - does it have rechargeable Camp Speaker or storage cubby?

    Since The explore Model does not have the rechargeable Camp Speaker, is that space under the console available for storage? SuEllyn
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    Rivian at Auto Car Wash ?

    Is there anything special that you have to do when taking a Rivian through an automatic car wash? Do the electric motors just freewheel in neutral while the truck is pulled through the wash? Brian
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    12 Volt Power Outlets in R1T?

    Does the R1T have any 12-volt power outlets? Brian
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    Anyone sticking with R1T Explore Package?

    Is there anyone out there that has ordered the Explore Package and has stuck with it and refused to upgrade to the Adventure Package? By doing this, we now have a first half of 2023 delivery window even though We have a very early (November 28,2018) order date. As Rivian production continues...
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    At What Point Will a Rivian Become a 2023 Model Year?

    I was just wondering at what point in time a delivered Rivian becomes a 2023 model for title and registration purposes. Brian
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    Rivian Factory Delivery

    SuEllyn was just reading a post on the Rivian Group on Facebook. A member of that group just reported that he took delivery of his new R1T at the factory yesterday (03/08/2022). He said that he also got a factory tour and that no pictures were permitted. He goes on to say how much he loves his...
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    Rivian Towing Capacities

    We intend to use our R1T to tow our Airstream Travel Trailer. We think that this will be doable, but there are several considerations. Our Airstream weighs 7,000#. This is well within the Rivian's 11,000# towing capacity. The Achilles' Heel in the Rivian's towing capabilities is its payload...
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    Mixed Signals from Governments on EV Proliferation

    I was thinking that governments at all levels were offering incentives for the purchase and use of electric vehicles. Then I read an article saying that the State of Ohio has enacted a $225 per year additional license tag fee for electric vehicles. I realize that government will eventually want...
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    Number of Launch Editions?

    Does anyone have any idea of how many Launch Edition reservations there are of the total of 71,00 reservation? Brian
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    Call From Rivian about changing order for earlier delivery date

    As promised in the email, we finally got the call from Rivian asking if we wanted to change our order to get an earlier delivery date. We spoke to a Rivian Customer Service Representative named Anthony. He was very cordial and helpful. He told us that we could get an earlier delivery date if we...
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    Recommended Wheel Size - stick with 21" or upgrade to 22" for my use?

    I have an R1T on order. The standard wheel is the 21". I plan to use this truck for general highway and street use. I also plan to tow my 25' Airstream travel trailer with my R1T. Is there any advantage for me to upgrade to 22" wheels? I am looking for guidance from the group. Brian
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    Explore to Adventure Package

    We have a fairly early pre-order date of November 29, 2018, for an R1T with the Explore Package. We have received an email from Rivian stating that we can expect our truck to be delivered in the first half of 2023. The email also states that we will be contacted by Rivian to see if we would like...
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    Cost of a recharge at a public EV charging station

    Does anyone know the cost of charging an EV at a public charging station? I have tried to research this on-line, but there does not seem to be straight answer. Brian