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  1. Budman

    Quicker door unlocking tip with keycard

    I've been a little frustrated with the time it takes to unlock the doors by holding the keycard to the door handle. Feels like somewhere around 5 seconds. But I discovered that if you push the gear tunnel button when you approach the car then hold the keycard to the door handle the doors...
  2. Budman

    Charge Port Door Manual Open

    I know there is a manual way to release a stuck charge cord and a way to open the charge port door if the battery dies by attaching a jump pack. But, what if the servo motor that opens the charge port door breaks? Is there a way to manually open the door in an situation like that?
  3. Budman

    R1T vs Mach-e Delivery Race: Rivian for the win!

    Had been wanting an EV for a long time but Tesla just wasn't doing it for me. When the the order books for the 2022 Mach-e opened in Oct of 2021 I placed an order expecting to take delivery of the car in about 4 months. A few days after I ordered the Mach-e Rivian had their big press event...
  4. Budman

    Key FOB not working

    My truck was delivered yesterday. Looks great, rides great. One issue though, the key FOB doesn’t work. None of the buttons do anything. I replaced the battery. Opened a service ticket but no response yet. Anybody have any suggestions for things I can try myself? I have not tried a soft...