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  1. Weeyam eyesore

    A little fun with drift mode at the beach

    Beautiful. Thanks for sharing !! 21s look so good in this video
  2. Weeyam eyesore

    GPS needs this, we look at it all the time!

    Meh, bigger fish to fry right now. But if we are throwing ideas out there I’d love to see the bat signal instead of the rivian logo on the puddle lights ! Or if you could choose different options for the puddle lights
  3. Weeyam eyesore

    Highway Assist tried to run us off the road (edit from saying Self-driving)

    This shit happens to me often when I use driver + I rarely use as a result. I do not find it helpful. Actually more dangerous currently
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    Power tonneau - closing on items sticking out of bed??

    Hi all, My son is starting to get a bit too comfortable with all of the buttons around the truck. Yesterday our bicycle handlebars were sticking out of the bed with the bikes in the back. I hear the power tonneau start as he hit the power button to close it. As I look up, one of the panels is...
  5. Weeyam eyesore


    I tipped “buy lunch on your way back” and I would not accept no as an answer. Delivery specialist spent near 2 hours with me. On a Saturday. And had a 3 hour ride back. He definitely deserved it IMO
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    Anyone with a good delivery experience?

    Zero issues. Rivian delivery specialist was great.
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    R1T Junk Drawer

    Better than in your back seat !!
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    Should you buy a Rivian? My experience ---so far my experience has not been positive

    Bought a Ford Maverick 6 mo ago. 2 days in, flat tire. Apparently my fault. Hmm…Order a tailgate damper and had it put on at the dealer, and by the time I get home, it fell off and I couldn’t close my tailgate without removing the entire unit. Back to the dealer. More experienced service...
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    No spare tire?

    I bought the spare tire but it did not come with the truck on delivery. It is supposed to come in 2-3 weeks. Fyi.
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    [RESOLVED] My R1T is leaking brake fluid

    Hmm not sure if video is working this is under drivers side door
  11. Weeyam eyesore

    [RESOLVED] My R1T is leaking brake fluid

    @plasmdude does this look familiar to you? Got my truck yesterday. It was 97 degrees out and I had the ac blasting to see how well it was working. Problem vs condensation?
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    PSA - Be careful sending wires to Rivian

    What is overall consensus here ? Have more folks have difficulty with wiring to rivian?
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    Adventure R1T delivery

    I am on the ford maverick threads. Many ppl with orders placed nearly 1 year ago without their trucks. In the fall, I walked in to a dealership and bought one. I felt guilty. So many preorders not filled yet I snagged one. So yes, I’d say definitely similar across other automakers.
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    What Will Be The First Song You Play In Your New Rivian?

    dang it too many to choose from ! Will just have to spend a bunch of time in the truck and figure it out
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    What Will Be The First Song You Play In Your New Rivian?

    need to hear what this double bass sounds like on this audio system
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    Adventure R1T delivery

    When all the stars align ! Shortest preorder to delivery time
  17. Weeyam eyesore

    Detailing/PPF in Philly Burbs Area?

    Have you tried contacting ? My dad gets his bike worked on yearly at this shop. They seem high end.
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    Many of you are mistaking how to think about the order queue...

    OP has to be the same person on Facebook that every time a new post goes up about “if I ordered today when will I get the vehicle” and everyone says 2024-2025, the same person always goes no no no it will be definitely earlier than that. There will be a massive production ramp and it won’t be...
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    📊 Delivered Rivians Owners List and Stats [Enter Yours]!

    Not sure if this was asked, sorry if this is a duplicate question. There was some mystery about how many launch edition are out there. If you’re order number is ~50,000. Do we think there are/will be 50,000 launch editions ? Or when did they cut that number off? Just a curious question.