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  1. Budman

    roof top tent range impact?

    I just completed a trip (trip report coming soon). I recorded all the data with and without a tent but have not really looked closely at it yet. But my casual observation of the range shows at most a 10% impact. A 10 mph headwind vs a 10 mph tailwind has a much bigger impact than tent/no tent.
  2. Budman

    How are you planning to haul your ski / snowboard gear?

    My wife’s 192 Nordic skate skis just fit diagonally in the bed. For my 210 classic skis I have to weave them into the cab and extend the tails into the gear tunnel through the opening in the rear seat.
  3. Budman

    Quicker door unlocking tip with keycard

    I've been a little frustrated with the time it takes to unlock the doors by holding the keycard to the door handle. Feels like somewhere around 5 seconds. But I discovered that if you push the gear tunnel button when you approach the car then hold the keycard to the door handle the doors...
  4. Budman

    Conserve Mode Efficiency Improved? Rivian R1T real world range on a 900 plus mile trip averaged 2.7+ miles/kWh

    In conserve at 55-70 mph on a mix of freeway and state highway I'm consistently getting 340 miles or better. 368 miles of range one time on a 155 mile run back from our northwoods cabin, 2.95 miles/kWh. This is on the 21" road tire. EDIT: Some asked what size battery pack is used in the...
  5. Budman

    Problem with charging door

    My concern is what if it does not open. Is there a manual way to open?
  6. Budman

    2022 Rivian R1T vs. F-150 Lightning : The Closest Finish in Motortrend History

    For me size matters everyday. My Rivian just barely fits in my garage. I have about 3 inches of clearance front to back. A full size pickup would not fit in my garage and that is a deal breaker. For me, the size of the bed in the Rivian is exactly the right size.
  7. Budman

    R1T Won’t Stop Running At Home

    Try going into the climate screen and tuning the climate button to off.
  8. Budman

    Any tests done on Vampire battery drain?

    Temperature can certainly impact the range estimate. But my garage is well insulated so I don’t think the temperature was changing much overnight.
  9. Budman

    Any tests done on Vampire battery drain?

    My observation on my truck which was delivered 10 days ago. 65% SOC and 201 miles range on display. Gear guard, WiFi, Proximity locking, climate controls all off. Rivian phone app shut down. Doors locked. Truck 100 feet away from me in a detached garage. 18 hours later I have 64% SOC...
  10. Budman

    Truck keeps locking & unlocking frustrations

    I have had some similar frustrations. I found how to turn the proximity lock/unlock off on the infotainment screen. I have another question maybe somebody can shed some light on. The proximity phone as key only seems to unlock the truck when I approach from the passenger side. Nothing...
  11. Budman

    Missed opportunity, solar tonneau and hood?

    I have 27 large solar panels on the roof of my garage. 7 kW peak output. I typically get 35 to 40 kWh per day. That is about 1/3 the full capacity of the Rivian battery pack. The surface area of the Rivian roof is a fraction of the surface area of my garage roof. Just wouldn't make any...
  12. Budman

    Charge Port Door Manual Open

    The way I read the manual, that is only to release a charge plug that is stuck, not a way to open the charge port door
  13. Budman

    Charge Port Door Manual Open

    I know there is a manual way to release a stuck charge cord and a way to open the charge port door if the battery dies by attaching a jump pack. But, what if the servo motor that opens the charge port door breaks? Is there a way to manually open the door in an situation like that?
  14. Budman

    R1T vs Mach-e Delivery Race: Rivian for the win!

    Had been wanting an EV for a long time but Tesla just wasn't doing it for me. When the the order books for the 2022 Mach-e opened in Oct of 2021 I placed an order expecting to take delivery of the car in about 4 months. A few days after I ordered the Mach-e Rivian had their big press event...
  15. Budman

    RIVIAN BLUE Rivian Club & Photos

    Five days old and 600 miles on the clock already. How did I ever survive without this?
  16. Budman

    Key FOB not working

    The FOB is not in the app. Neither are the keycards but the cards do work. Guess I wait for the service ticket to be worked on. Thanks for the replies.
  17. Budman

    Key FOB not working

    My truck was delivered yesterday. Looks great, rides great. One issue though, the key FOB doesn’t work. None of the buttons do anything. I replaced the battery. Opened a service ticket but no response yet. Anybody have any suggestions for things I can try myself? I have not tried a soft...
  18. Budman

    WiFi and TPMS Oddities

    My truck arrived on July 19th. All is well except it would not connect to WiFi. Delivery person could not fix. After searching this forum found this thread. I fixed my problem by changing the security type from WPA to WPA2. An FYI for others having this issue.
  19. Budman

    Roadtrip! Portland OR to Northern Wisconsin.

    FYI: Saw this note posted on the Mach-e forum. A report from Electrify America of a system wide failure. Charging as a guest was recommended.