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  1. Comparing your R1T to your previous truck (1500 Limited in my case)

    I kept my 2020 Ram Limited and continue to use it for road trips and towing, I use the Rivian for daily driving duties. As good as the Rivian is, the Ram Limited interior is leaps and bounds better.
  2. Anyone in Texas receive their plates for their R1?

    How long did it take you to get your TT&L money back from Rivian? I’ve been waiting a month now, temp tag expired 06/28. Thanks
  3. Texas registration -- Rivian doing it, should I ask to do it?

    Let them do it if they are now. Mine is still not registered after almost 4 months, they sent me the paperwork but not any of the TT&L money I gave them. Be careful either way. Good luck!
  4. Houston 2nd Meet Up Saturday, June 25th at 9am Location MKT Heights

    Your 30amp circuits most likely only support 30 amps, do not switch to a 50a breaker, the wire is not sized correctly. I did mine myself, so unfortunately I don’t have a recommendation for you. Good luck.
  5. License Plates?

    I have to title it myself now, they started sending paperwork yesterday.
  6. Vehicle (Tag) still not registered

    Not sure if that was the reason, should have stated my post differently. I do know the state of TX would have hit me with late fees from the paperwork I signed 03/28.
  7. Vehicle (Tag) still not registered

    Rivian did not offer to compensate me monetarily for having to do all this myself now, but hinted there may be some swag headed my way. My paperwork is in route. I signed a new BOS to prevent late fees that may have been assessed.
  8. Rivian in Texas

    Mine was delivered out of DFW and I am in the Houston area, likely the reason for the inflated number in DFW.
  9. Vehicle (Tag) still not registered

    Update on my message above. Just got an email from my guide stating they are sending me all the paperwork to title the vehicle myself and will be refunding the TT&L I paid them for this. I have sent the guide an email back asking when I will receive my TT&L money and how they will compensate...
  10. Vehicle (Tag) still not registered

    My guide called yesterday and offered me a rental also until my tags arrive. He said my paperwork was with the State of TX for processing (didn't say when it was submitted).
  11. Vehicle (Tag) still not registered

    Same here, mine expires Friday. Called my guide Monday night, no call back yet. I’m in TX. I will not be parking my truck, I will continue to drive it. Hope yours gets resolved also!
  12. License Plates?

    Anyone who has taken delivery, have you received your tags and license plates? My IL temp tag expires 06/24/22, trying to plan ahead if needed. Thanks-
  13. Ride mode doesn't change

    Try screen and vehicle reboots prior to contacting service.
  14. Wall charger installation at home - suggestions and recommendations? ⚡️⚡️

    I installed the Rivian wall charger myself, straight forward in my opinion. Very worthwhile, especially if you need to charge often. I’m in the Houston area as well.
  15. Phone Contacts not showing up - need help

    Reset screens or complete vehicle, happened to me after last software update. All good after reset.
  16. Does the wrist band key still exist?

    I submitted a service ticket Sunday (per my guide's direction), got a call a few hours later saying I would get one sent in the mail in a few weeks when the next batch was ready to go out.
  17. No follow up on service issues in Texas

    Did you submit a service ticket on the app? I submitted one on Sunday and got a call from a tech within hours on Sunday. I'm in the Houston area, the service tech called from Detroit.
  18. Spare Tire

    I did not, and am happy with my decision. Same use case as yours, drive 20-25k miles a year. I am a DYI guy and can fix a leak myself, or have roadside assistance if I have a major issue (never have with any other vehicle I have owned).
  19. What will you name your Rivian?

    Mine is named Zeus
  20. Regenerative Braking Feedback

    High regen here since day 1, never use the brake, modulate accelerator to control regen effects.