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  1. Tax Credit Changes in new bill [LOCKED DUE TO POLITICS & ARGUING]

    Fisker is going to allow reservations to be converted as binding contract to get the benefits. Not sure why Rivian isn’t interested? May be they want as many customers with pre price gate pricing not to buy so they can reduce the loss… We supported the brand to establish now they feel we are...
  2. R1S Updated Delivery Timeframes?

    LOL, Sorry to break it... may be Aug 2024 or later..
  3. R1S : Oct-Dec Delivery

    I have Oct-Dec delivery, with Rivian's track record wasn't expecting before Mar 2023.
  4. Chevy Blazer, A R2S Killer?

    Estimated range for SS is 290 miles and Blazer is much smaller than R1S/T.
  5. Chevy Blazer, A R2S Killer?

    Blazer looks really nice, but range just like Lyriq is disappointing. There is no mention of whether its 400V or 800V architecture.
  6. XPEL as exclusive PPF Rivian Supplier
  7. Benz EQS SUV - 7 seater

    EQS SUV pricing is not announced, as of now pricing is available only for options. Vehicle is still not released and quite a few people have build date allocated with delivery scheduled for mid to late fall. Out of Spec Kyle posted a short video sometime back with a preproduction vehicle.
  8. R1S vs Tesla Model X comparison, but really, not much of a comparison when breaking it down!

    Mercedes EQS SUV does have off-road capability but its not going to be anywhere close to R1S. Also, EQS efficiency (107 Kwh battery with expected range of ~320 miles for AWD) is going to be lot better than R1S. InsideEV 70mph test of sedan hit 395 miles (EPA: 350 miles). EQS falls behind on...
  9. R1S Reviews Master List: Jalopnik, Inside EVs, TFL, etc

    From Edmunds review: From DigitalTrends Review: After reading this, super confused about which tire/wheel option to chose. 95% of my driving is city roads and worried about custom 21'' sizing availability.
  10. Received an email from Rivian updated on 05/2922 please see attached pictures

    Congrats! Absolutely happy for you... My frustration with Rivian is growing day by day with line skipping and BINGO approach.
  11. RJ buys the dip and picks up $1M of Rivian stock

    Its very common on every big round founder+key executives cashing out a little bit and also its very common for CEO's to buy at dip to show they are committed. Personally never take CEO's/executive's buy in-dip seriously and look at it as marketing gimmicks.
  12. Lincoln Star Concept

    It's just a concept from Lincoln, only god knows when they will have the real EV.
  13. Benz EQS SUV - 7 seater

    Tesla overstates range by 10-20%. EQS sedan in most testings went close to 50-70 miles more than the EPA range. With both second and third row down, believe EQS SUV has more space. In my view, when it comes to quietness and comfortable interior Tesla has no chance to stand against any...
  14. Benz EQS SUV - 7 seater

    Has dedicated off-road for light off-roading, most importantly they have shown interior pictures (Rivian still hasn’t shared third row pics). challenge here is going to be finding a dealer to sell at MSRP.
  15. Benz EQS SUV - 7 seater

    Official info will be released tomorrow some German blogger uploaded this video:
  16. EV9 Details Revealed, 2023 release

    I would really take EV9 but tired of dealer markups. I had Ev6 first edition reservation but dealer wanted 5K+ so backed off. I tried to buy EQS580 same story dealer wanted above MSRP so walked out, literally called every benz dealer in bay area no one wanted to sell at MSRP. They have cars on...
  17. Matte Black Stealth PPF Rivian R1T Launch Edition

    Looks really nice! What was the total cost?
  18. Bummer... no delivery today. Our R1T was damaged during transit.

    Sorry to hear, glad they can replace the parts and no repairs needed.
  19. What Would You Like To See From Our Rivian Test? - Out of Spec

    Eagerly waiting for your video... your team is doing awesome job.
  20. Strange Rivian Marketplace Listing

    I don't believe in GlassDoor these days, companies can pay and remove the negative reviews. And also managers/HR constantly runs campaign internally asking current employees to write positive glowing reviews.