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  1. Rhidan

    Flat Top Wilderness / White River National Forest - Trip Report

    I took my R1T for an extended camping trip on family land near the Flat Top Wilderness in Colorado. We had fun putting the truck to use, light off-roading on some private roads/forest roads, rally and drift mode on some dirt backroads, and using the truck as a big battery pack to recharge gear...
  2. Rhidan

    Colorado Checking In

    Thought I would do a little Colorado trip report, including my first minor charging dilemma. I spent about two weeks in Steamboat at a family condo over the July 4th weekend. I left Denver without a full charge, but had no issues with the EA station in Frisco. I was worried about the number...
  3. Rhidan

    Total EV Noob Seeks Advice

    Plugging the Rivian portable charge cable into a 14-50 NEMA outlet: 7.6kW (240 volts x 32 amps) - The portable cable is limited to 32 amps, so Rivian says this will add about 16 miles added an hour while charging Plugging a 50 amp EVSE (i.e. wall charger) into a 14-50 NEMA outlet, and then...
  4. Rhidan

    How much do you pay for energy to charge at home?

    Xcel quoted me at $0.059 off peak (9pm - 6 am) with a $13 monthly fee that pays for the EVSE. Still trying to get it set up. This graphic on their website suggest you can get 0.028 off peak, possibly in Minnesota?
  5. Rhidan

    Major Issue with the Air Compressor Use....

    Wow. Might need to use that 7-day return policy on the truck.
  6. Rhidan

    Air Suspension Auto-Adjust Quirks

    I've noticed All-Purpose will also auto adjust back to "Standard" height after I've intentionally selected "Low." Maybe that's intended behavior, but it seems strange to override an available height setting selected by the driver. I've been parking in a low-clearance parking garage at work...
  7. Rhidan

    Basics coming unglued at Rivian?

    Funny - I received a new Finance Agreement the business day before my delivery was rescheduled. The only difference was the first payment date had been pushed back. I emailed my guide and pointed out I already signed one three weeks earlier. She confirmed the first one was terminated and I...
  8. Rhidan

    Opinion RE One Pedal Driving

    I started driving trucks and tractors when I was 10 years old (at the ranch). I've always purchased and owned manual transmission vehicles. I never was interested in an auto transmission. Felt like a lazy way to drive and gave you less control of the vehicle. I've also loved the stick shift...
  9. Rhidan

    April - May 2022 Delivery Club/Hype Thread

    After looking at the paint in the sun, I actually think the re-spray looks better than the paint that came from the factory. The whole passenger side is covered in orange peel, but no such peel where they did the respray. I was a little nervous getting a body shop to match paint for a brand...
  10. Rhidan

    OTA Update 2022.15 Software Release Notes

    Took delivery yesterday. Was trying to set up my garage door opener, but realized I’m still on the old update. Surprised the OTA rollout is THAT slow.
  11. Rhidan

    📊 Delivered Rivians Owners List and Stats [Enter Yours]!

    Added mine. Do we still not have a Compass Yellow R1T delivery among us????
  12. Rhidan

    RED CANYON Rivian Club & Photos

    Agree. Mine was delivered yesterday, and this is a good representation of what it looks like in overcast light. Still waiting for the sun to come back out to get a feel for what it looks like in direct light.
  13. Rhidan

    April - May 2022 Delivery Club/Hype Thread

    I haven't seen the truck in full sunlight yet! The service manager told me a "third party" resprayed the hood, fender panel, charge door, and driver side door. I haven't noticed a difference in the paint yet, but we need some sunshine in Colorado before I can make a final determination. I am...
  14. Rhidan

    April - May 2022 Delivery Club/Hype Thread

    Picked-up my pick-up. The Service Center pick-up lasted about 10 minutes. Was ready to get this thing in my garage after the first delivery hiccup. Still playing around with the setting and what not. Here’s to more forum-member deliveries. And can we get some of those R1Ses in customer hands?
  15. Rhidan

    Wall chargers

    Unfortunately, it feels like most EVSEs (not just the Rivian branded version) are on backorder. I’m waiting on a ChargePoint Home Flex to participate in a program from my electric provider. I signed up in March, but still waiting for EVSE to get back in stock. In the meantime, the electrician...
  16. Rhidan

    Rivian Delivery Purgatory - No Real Communication

    Okay Rivian. You’ve fooled me once. Crossing my fingers that this delivery time sticks. Still a little skeptical.
  17. Rhidan

    Rivian announces: "A milestone in our progress in Georgia" and releases plant site plans / map

    A new article describing how Rivian’s Georgia factory has become a political football in the Governor primary: I wonder if there’s something the greater Rivian...
  18. Rhidan

    Sandy Munro Takes The R1T Off Road (Teardown Preview Included in OP)

    “One of the problems Sue and I have is finding charge ports that actually work on it … So the charge port is cool. Its a great idea. But I’m not thrilled.” Lol. Great analysis.
  19. Rhidan

    Cancelled delivery May 12 for delivery May 18th. Expected May 25!

    I had intended to wait until the last minute to pay. My vehicle was already at the service center, and was canceled less than 24 hours to delivery. There was also no "Pay Now" or "Confirm Payment" button. The payment step asks you to link your bank account to a service called Plaid to process...