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  1. SASSquatch

    Time for a Lube Party... Dry Lube = answer to the tonneau cover issues

    A dry lube party, that is. Looks like the answer to the tonneau cover issues is regular maintenance using WD-40 dry lube. I am going to be keeping my vehicle outside so lots of potential for stuff to get into my cracks. There has got to be a better solution here. I think we need an...
  2. SASSquatch

    Aero Covers May Potentially Damage 21" Wheels

    Saw this video posted on YouTube recently showing damage to the paint on the 21" wheels after high speed (70-80) road trip. Anyone else encounter this? Potentially something to look out for over time. It looks like a piece of rubber or silicon on the edge of the wheel over could prevent the rub.
  3. SASSquatch

    R1T Towing Review by Alex on Autos

    Another great, informative, and concise video by Alex on Autos Summary points: Doesn't love position of trailer hitch Wished there were better camera views No trailer mirrors which annoyed him Wished there were trailer profiles Side sensors turned off in tow mode (no logical reason) Generally...
  4. SASSquatch

    Officially Unofficial 22" Wheel Efficiency & Range Reports

    Alright folks, for those of us who are locked in to the 22" wheels, I'm creating this thread to track what people are getting in terms of mi/kWh and overall range in various modes and driving/environmental conditions. Very impressive report from Electrified_Motors who took a 900+ trip from...
  5. SASSquatch

    Aero Wheel Covers/Inserts for 22" Wheels

    Haven't seen any discussion of this concept anywhere else so I thought I would start a thread. For those of us who want the added handling dynamics of the 22" over the 21" and aren't doing any serious off-roading, aero inserts/covers to squeeze out as much range as possible would be a welcome...
  6. SASSquatch

    Alex on Auto's Initial R1T Ownership Review

    After 3.5 years of waiting, Alex finally gets his R1T. No line cutting. No special discounts. No bias. Incredibly thorough, yet somehow less than 16 minutes long. Takeaway: Minor gripes about not having enough physical buttons, but overall extremely impressed. Makes the case for...
  7. SASSquatch

    TFLEV F-150 Lightning vs R1T Feature Comparison

    Good overview of the feature sets, materials, and specifications between the R1T and F-150 lightning by TFLEV. Somehow, they consistently seem to make their videos a watchable length, which I appreciate. They don't seem to be hurting with views and subscribers either. Magic. Was surprised at...
  8. SASSquatch

    6 Month R1T Owner Review by @Iwantatesla

    Great review video and InsideEVs writeup featuring TEDActuallyTalks highlighting the highs and lows of ownership. He is one of our own and is on the forum as @Iwantatesla
  9. SASSquatch

    Ben Sullins R1T 1 Month Review

    Very nice overview of things Ben wishes he knew before he purchased his R1T including some teething pains with software, integration of Alexa, and to nobodies surprise, tonneau cover issues. He also found a great hitch accessory that is a step attachment that helps you get up into the bed since...
  10. SASSquatch

    New(ish) R1T Channel: Best Laid Plans W/Victoria and Alex

    I don't think this has been posted yet, but wanted to plug a new R1T Channel I came across randomly that has some entertaining and very watchable content on a couple's (Alex and Victoria) experience with their R1T. Nothing super scientific, but real-world scenarios including road trip range...
  11. SASSquatch

    Another R1T First Mile Review

    This review from EV & Chill features the same exact R1T I drove for my first mile event (same license plate and configuration). I have to say, however, that I couldn't disagree with her more regarding how the R1T handled. The only thing that felt "truck" like to me was the ride height. For...
  12. SASSquatch

    R1T First Mile Mobile Drive Report

    Greetings fellow RA'ers (Rivian Aholics) I recently had my First Mile Mobile Drive in an El Cap R1T with Black Mountain Interior and 22 inch Dark Wheels and thought I would post some highlights: The Mobile Drive was scheduled for 45 minutes and happened at my home (or you could specify an...
  13. SASSquatch

    Officially Unofficial R1T Aftermarket Accessories Discussion + Reviews

    Ok folks, I didn't see a thread on here that was discussing what aftermarket accessories or care products folks were planning to use/purchase when they take delivery of their R1T so I thought I would get things started with my list. I'm only listing non-RIVIAN branded products in my list below...
  14. SASSquatch

    Another R1T For Sale At Insane Markup

    Came across this on youtube. Dealer clearly doesn't know much about the truck. They are asking a breathtaking $145,790 (which includes a $790 dealer "handling" fee). If you consider that they are selling $400 and $500K Porches, maybe the R1T at $150K is a bargain? In the video the dealer...
  15. SASSquatch

    A Theory On RIVIANS Long Term Strategy

    OK, so after a few hours of reflection, here is my theory on the price increase and maybe a hopeful take on the future: RIVIAN new that a price increase was going to be inevitable but they held back on announcing the increase until they had a better sense of what their costs were going to be...