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  1. kurtlikevonnegut

    Rivian R1T CV axle failure missed by service center

    The title of this thread is sort of deceptive. Based on what I saw, the CV joint isn't failing. There is a failure by the service techs and maybe the supplier. The way the title reads it makes it sound as if there was a catastrophic failure of the CV joint, which does not appear to be the case.
  2. kurtlikevonnegut

    Tonneau cover issues

    I am not someone who usually tempts fate, but today I closed my tonneau cover after leaving it open since taking delivery and then also opened it in the same day. It worked both times so I'm just going to call it a win and not touch it or look at it again for a few weeks.
  3. kurtlikevonnegut

    Photos of RAN Chargers construction in NC

    I saw those chargers and thought about going there since all my DCFC charging experience was with EA to that point, but I wanted something more on my route so I let the Rivian nav plan the charge and route. I've had some issues now with EA too so it's not exactly foolproof.
  4. kurtlikevonnegut

    South Carolina, anyone?

    Did my first Charleston to Greenville run last night in the R1T. Pretty ideal conditions, got 2.34 mi/kwh in Conserve with cruise set at 73 for 85kwh used. Driver + for nearly the whole drive. I'll be interested to see what the difference is going back.
  5. kurtlikevonnegut

    Software Spotlight Version 2022.27.02 -- Official Rivian Feature

    If only there was a driving mode that was designed for a wide range of purposes that provides comfort while still being sporty. You could go so far as to say it addresses "all purposes"
  6. kurtlikevonnegut

    Rivian currently testing "Enduro" Dual Motor R1S and R1T in New Zealand

    Enduro is what Rivian has named the in-house developed and manufactured motors that will be the primary drive unit for all vehicles going forward. The current R1 vehicles use Bosch motors that were designed to spec, so these Enduro motors will replace them eventually on all vehicles. Following...
  7. kurtlikevonnegut

    2023 F150 Lightning Price Hikes & standard range increase to 240 miles

    Can get a R1T Adventure Dual/Large for about the same price as a Lariat Extended Range. Dual motor Large Battery R1T probably is a solid 1:1 comparison for the extended range Lightning. Similarly a stripped down R1T (Explore dual/standard) is right there with the XLT. I think that's a pretty...
  8. kurtlikevonnegut

    Software Spotlight Version 2022.27.02 -- Official Rivian Feature

    I never charged L1 prior to the update, but I'm getting ~2kw on a standard 15a wall outlet which is coming out to 2.5 miles of range gained per hour of charge. Still not something you want to rely on, but better than what others were reporting. Getting 25 miles of range overnight is at least...
  9. kurtlikevonnegut

    Rivian R1T vs F-150 Lightning Tug of War

    Two things that make me laugh in the replies, one is the people complaining about tires as if it matters. The Rivian is more powerful, heavier, and has a better power application. It's going to smoke the Ford on any surface with any tires. The funnier thing is the people saying a Model X Plaid...
  10. kurtlikevonnegut

    Removing 21" wheel aero covers + 3d printed hub cap = clean, easy

    Center caps from Amazon, painted with yellow rattle can, with white metallic Rivian vinyl sticker from @twraps. This is sort of a proof of concept, I'll probably go back and do the same process but with a higher quality/better paint job and try to color match the calipers as closely as possible...
  11. kurtlikevonnegut

    Photos of RAN Chargers construction in NC

    I was in Charlotte yesterday and a RAN station was sorely needed. The fast charging situation in CLT is underwhelming at best. Needed to DCFC to get from IKEA to home in Charleston (about 200 miles). Used Rivian nav to find a DCFC station on the route(ish), an EVgo station that Rivian had as up...
  12. kurtlikevonnegut

    Conserve Mode Efficiency Improved? Rivian R1T real world range on a 900 plus mile trip averaged 2.7+ miles/kWh

    Just drove from Greenville to CLT on I 85. Used 24% SoC on a 90 mile drive, conserve mode with an average speed between 60 and 65. 2.9mi per kwh
  13. kurtlikevonnegut

    Software Spotlight Version 2022.27.02 -- Official Rivian Feature

    This point is one of the reasons I take all the Rivian v Lightning stuff with a grain of salt right now. Rivian has already showed that they can iterate on software much faster than traditional OEMs. They may be close now, but it's unlikely to stay that way.
  14. kurtlikevonnegut

    Lucid slashes production forecast for 2022

    The dude has a pretty good sense of humor that's for sure.
  15. kurtlikevonnegut

    Possible Major Security issue with Alarm system

    This seems like it should be an easy fix. If truck is locked, no key is present, and no occupancy sensors are tripped the alarm sounds and screen is locked if a door is opened until an unlock command is sent via key or phone. Thats a pretty simple logic chain to follow for programming In...
  16. kurtlikevonnegut

    PlugShare, A Better Route Planner, Rivian or what

    Speaking of Charging Chargepoint's app/online interface just generally terrible or is it just me? I am staying at a hotel with chargepoint chargers so I downloaded the app and linked it to my Rivian account and added my credit card for payment. I used the tap to charge function on...
  17. kurtlikevonnegut

    Do you charge the R1T every night?

    It is a long term parking garage, but noted. I was more wondering from a battery health perspective if it's better to be left to sit unplugged for 10 days or plugged in to L2 charging.
  18. kurtlikevonnegut

    Do you charge the R1T every night?

    Question for the group: Going on a 10 dayish trip out of town soon, likely driving my R1T and leaving it parked for 10 days. The garage that I'm looking at parking it has 6kw chargers at it. On a 10 day sit, the recommendation would be to leave it plugged into one of those chargers right?
  19. kurtlikevonnegut

    Rivian Van production already at 1,000 vehicles

    I'd be shocked if it didn't ramp much faster since the vans should be much easier to manufacture and have less parts. It sounded in the interviews like the charging and service infrastructure at the actual delivery centers is currently a choke point for how many vans can be delivered and where...