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  1. Dirty_B

    Cheapest of cheap things that needs to be fixed/replaced in the R1T

    So I just saw the video/pictures from the Venice hub of the R1S...very nice thanks everyone who posted/took the time, looking forward to it. But here's the thing, the T is a truck with a truck bed that is meant to have things thrown/loaded into to haul around. Yet the cheapest of cheap...
  2. Dirty_B

    Dominion Power rate plans

    I need some help with picking a Rate Schedule beyond just the basic residential rate sked from Va Dom Power. I have a smart electrical meter, and two EVs. I'd like to switch off of schedule 1, to take advantage of off peak charging and use. Can anyone provide me some help with deciphering...
  3. Dirty_B

    Put in a new reservation for an R1S today...

    Who's with me on this - man they are looking good and time is getting near (A lot nearer than the 3yrs and 6 months it took to the R1T)! :clap:
  4. Dirty_B

    Dark Spokes: A way for Rivian to cut some cost?

    So I applied the T Wraps "Satin Black" SPOKES VINYL COVERS today. I like the look WAY better than with the milled Finish look. I thought it's worth a Poll: What do you think is better: Darkened Finish or Milled Finish. Rivian could save a step in making the wheels by just skipping the milling IMO.
  5. Dirty_B

    Frunk organizer from Amazon

    So just had this delivered today. It's a way for me to hold all my crap. Not sure I'm leaving it in frunk, may end up in tunnel. Hood closes fine, about the right height, no higher IMO. Heytrip Large Trunk Organizer With Built-in Leakproof Cooler Bag.
  6. Dirty_B

    Pirelli Scorpion All Terrain Plus Tire Review

    Just had this pop into my feed... Here's the BLUF:
  7. Dirty_B

    Scheduled charging @ Home

    Issue: Plugged in @ Home in driveway today at 1730, charging started as soon as I plugged in. Concern: I have set the vehicle to charge between 0030 and 0630. Detail and maybe problem: home is set to an address and my driveway/charger is 150' from address location in Nav. So the Dirty Bastard...
  8. Dirty_B

    Coolers in bed - Yeti Roadie 24 fits under tonneau cover

    For your consumption. This is a Yeti Roadie 24. Bought because it fits wife's wine bottle standing up. Barely, just barely fits under tonneau cover, so much so that cover rests on the cooler. Other cooler fit "questions" or ideas? I have a Pelican 70Qt and an Igloo Trailmate on wheels - not a...
  9. Dirty_B

    RSC now has whole building.

    Had my T delivered yesterday. Driver, David, was a great guy and very helpful. But per the title, he mentioned the other tenant at Dabney road has left and now Rivian has the whole building to themselves. Since they are solo now, also adding more service bay/s and maybe some customer area...
  10. Dirty_B

    New install of L2 chargers in Michigan by Rivian

    The story does not refer to RAN, but they're Rivian and paid for by Rivian: Lakeshore electrified: Project puts EV chargers at state parks.
  11. Dirty_B

    Talk about misaligned panels and gaps

    For all the complaints about R1T panel/assembly long has Tesla been building Ys at Freemont? You show em Sandy:
  12. Dirty_B

    21" Wheel weight as delivered

    Has anyone, or could someone, taken a 21" wheel off their R1T to weigh it? I know the 21" factory tire weighs about 37 lbs. This will factor into my choice of alternative road tire for the 20" wheel. We know the 20" AT combo weighs around 88lbs, tire is 49 lbs, wheel is 39lbs, thanks to...
  13. Dirty_B

    Rivian Patents Front Bumper with a Winch (Fairlead)

    You can do your own search for details but found this last night - Patents have been issued for front bumpers with a winch (fairlead), and one with-out a winch. Winch bumper picture attached. Curious - can they power a winch from the HV battery? I'm sure they can but how complicated would it be...
  14. Dirty_B

    Sitting Level when off

    There is a large industry within the ICE pickup community for making leveling kits for 4WD pickups. Reason: OEM seems to always make the front sit lower than the rear by maybe 1 to 2 inches. Personally, hate that unlevel look. Does the R1T sit level or is it lower in front? If not level...
  15. Dirty_B

    1st batch of R1Ts delivered use what battery?

    So is Samsung SDI battery supplier for the first batches of vehicles? Anyone have a snapshot of the battery label as it sits post-delivery? Where are they made, city and state, what is the full capacity in kWh and what is the user able to access? Thanks, Dirty_B
  16. Dirty_B

    Economic incentives for Rivian in GA

    Just under a day old. Good news for Rivian: