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  1. Cabin cooling via App while charging not possible?

    How can we precondition the vehicle using voice while still in the house and not unlocking/messing with phone. Would be nice to say "Google/Alexa, get my Rivian ready to roll" while starting my morning coffee without fumbling with my phone. Depending on the weather, activate A/C, heated/cooled...
  2. Rivian R1T vs F-150 Lightning Tug of War

    More HP, torque, weight. Rivian should win. They should have at least made it a fair fight though. Rivian should have road tires. Power means nothing if you can't put it to the ground. Ford with off road and Rivian with road tires, it's very likely the Ford would win.
  3. Rear brake light bar?

    The turn signals in the rear are the worst I have ever seen on a vehicle. Yellow/Amber should be legally required due to proven safety improvement but the Rivian are red and tiny. The worst combo.
  4. Rivian “Customer Satisfaction Campaign” email: Improperly routed cowl harness

    Thank you. That helps us. Would be nice if Rivian publishes the affected VIN range. Thanks again for sharing.
  5. Not liking one pedal driving

    My only experience with an EV was driving a Model Y from Miami to Orlando for a family trip. I found the R1T regen to be perfect for one pedal driving on my first mile drive and was quick to figure out modulation response from the pedal. I was worried about it going in based on comments like...
  6. Update 2022.27.02 Released - Automatic Ride Height, Direct Current Fast Charging & More

    Decent updates. Rivian seems to be consistent with updates every 4-5 weeks. Nothing major here but nice to see they are consistently working on the software. Wondering when they will have major UI improvements. Spotify improvements and kneel mode in next couple updates.
  7. Rivian “Customer Satisfaction Campaign” email: Improperly routed cowl harness

    Yet you blocked out your entire build number so we have no reference for build range.
  8. Rear seat removal?

    Anyone tried or have idea on feasibility of removing the rear seat base and backs?
  9. Conserve Mode Efficiency Improved? Rivian R1T real world range on a 900 plus mile trip averaged 2.7+ miles/kWh

    Has no one calculated real efficiency (meter to wheels) over a duration? Charge to 85% and reset trip. Drive for a week or two and charge back to 85%. Divide smart charger actual used by miles.
  10. Conserve Mode Efficiency Improved? Rivian R1T real world range on a 900 plus mile trip averaged 2.7+ miles/kWh

    The most accurate way to measure is with a charger that measure kwh. Charge to 85%. Drive it. Charge back to 85%. Divide miles by kwh to charge back to 85%. That's the real efficiency. Minus the pesky vampires which unfortunately have big fangs.
  11. Had anyone switched guides?

    The whole concept of guides is nice in theory, but execution is going to be hit or miss with more missing than justifies the position. With a company burning through cash at an alarming rate and making layoffs, I am surprised the guides still exist. I can't say mine has been all that useful...
  12. Products & Accessories for Rivian R1T/R1S by TWRAPS

    Any update on the organizer Iliya, Any update on ETA for the organizer? Thank you.
  13. Mounting a cell phone. Has anyone done it?

    Is there any space a couple inches down from the corner? There are other similar products that don't have corner mount.
  14. Mounting a cell phone. Has anyone done it?

    Has anyone tried a wireless magnet product like is used to mount to Tesla screens? Spigen OneTap Pro
  15. Tips to reduce vampiric power loss?

    If you are going for an extended trip, I wouldn't. You will be calling a tow truck when you return unless you find an open charging spot, but that's a risk you will take driving to the airport.
  16. Tips to reduce vampiric power loss?

    There is a grotesque amount of vampire losses that unfortunately can't be mitigated by turning anything off. You can reduce by turning off gear guard and proximity features so the vehicle doesn't keep waking up and possibly turning on the climate when you are nearby. Unfortunately first hand...
  17. White R1T vs White F-150 Side-by-Side Comparison Look

    You definitely get a LOT more bed relatively speaking. F150 5.5' bed is 81% larger than the R1T. 52.8 vs 29.2cuft.
  18. Highway Assist tried to run us off the road (edit from saying Self-driving)

    This is pretty close to ideal conditions for lane centering. Well marked. Clear weather. No sun on horizon. No construction. Just well-marked clear lanes. Doesn't get easier than this.
  19. Working Magsafe / Magnetic Qi Wireless Charging Pad Install! - DIY Writeup

    Good work. Props to you. I'm interested in single or dual if you get these done.
  20. R1T Rivian Service, Rescue & Recovery Vehicle (w/ Pullout Drawers From Gear Tunnel) -- TFL walkaround

    Probably the most useful accessory for the R1T. Puts the tunnel slide to shame. Someone please find the manufacturer for these. I find it unlikely that Rivian crafted these in house.