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  1. Sully151

    Rivian Website Phrasing

    What do you think this phrase means? "Feel free to switch your model and update your paint, interior, upgrades, wheels and tires at any time without losing your place in line for delivery. As long as you do not opt for our Adventure or Explore packages, your Launch Edition priority is secure...
  2. Sully151

    Did I Make a Mistake?

    In August of 2020, I put down my $1000 on an R1S. When configuration opened up, I switched to the R1T. So, as it was, I was torn on which platform I wanted. I liked the SUV because I could take the dog, wife and kids with plenty of interior space, and occasionally sleep in it. I liked the truck...
  3. Sully151

    Practically The Same Size?

    Here is my new MINI Cooper electric next to an R1T we found at Target. I hope the R1T will be as fun to drive as the MINI.
  4. Sully151

    Math Questions Regarding Chargers and Solar

    Hi! I suck at math and most things associated with math. That's why I perform and teach Improvisational Theater, Sketch Comedy, and puppetry for a living. This is also great because I don't have to add a lot of large numbers from paychecks. My wife and I are going to make a major change and go...
  5. Sully151

    Hold Over Until My R1T Comes In.

    I have a LE R1T on order, but I assume I am pretty far back in line due to the fact I am an August 2020 reservation holder and i am going with Compass Yellow. I assume I won't get the truck until next Summer at the earliest. The problem is, my commute just doubled. I am now 80 miles round trip...