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    Wish List - Rivian Adventure Network (RAN) locations

    North Carolina's Outer Banks (OBX) are severely lacking in charging options. They definitely need one at the 4x4 access in Carova/Corolla, and some more charging points between Raleigh-Durham and the beach would be great as well.
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    Rivian ford partnership to resume

    It seems that the Lincoln was off the table, so I'm just spit balling about other options. My suggestion was that (if it was the rally car) there might be 2 versions, a Rivian branded version and a Ford branded version. The whole on again/off again nature of this is somewhat odd. Time will tell.
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    Rivian ford partnership to resume

    Ford has said that Bronco will be a family of vehicles, with more than the current 3 options (2 door, 4 door, and sport) so a Rivian based EV Bronco is not out of the realm of possibilities.
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    Rivian ford partnership to resume

    WARNING: Completely unfounded speculation What if the vehicle they are working on together is the rumored crossover/rally car? Ford has a long rally history to help Rivian, and Rivian has the EV components reasonably ready. It might even be a car that could be shared between the two...
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    HUMMER EV Pickup first official look

    Exactly the point a lot of people on the internet today seem to be missing. They've been pretty clear, this is a "halo" truck. They've also said an electric Chevy is coming that will be more "bare bones." The Hummer should be compared to the Raptor and TRX, not the Rivian and F-150 EV. And...
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    Do you think that Rivian vehicles could get the same hate that Tesla owners sometimes deal with?

    Tesla's reputation for getting hate probably has multiple sources. I would hazard a guess it is a combination of: - Tesla damage is more likely to get reported/amplified by forums and video recordings. - Initial backlash may have/did occur (but I'd hazard a guess has died down to normal "luxury...
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    Charge by Towing

    Probably depends where you are and under what circumstance. I haven't seen the show yet to know exactly what they had, but I've towed vehicles with just a strap when necessary (broken down but still rolls), though usually with a second driver in the vehicle being towed.
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    Introductions! Drop in and say hello new and old members...

    Hello all. I have not yet preordered, but I likely will sometime in the next year or so. I have been swayed a bit towards the Endurance or Hummer, but I'm undecided. I do love the styling and off road performance potential of the R1T. I'm currently building a 1940 Chevy coupe with a Tesla...
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    RJ Interviewed on Bloomberg Live

    Unless they're made of aluminum or stainless, EV's will have this problem too. Not many have gotten to the 10-year mark yet, but those that have (and drive where it snows) are beginning to show rust too. I've seen plenty of Priuses with early rust holes.