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    Factory Tour and Accepting Delivery On-Site... and My "Dream Delivery"

    Years ago, I was in the market for a convertible sports car. One of the vehicles I looked at was the BMW Z3. After talking with the sales rep. at a BMW dealer in Charlotte, NC, he mentioned instead of paying a delivery fee. I could use my delivery fee dollars for the Greenville SC Factory BMW...
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    What We Know - Collecting Information Directly From Rivian

    I sent the following email to Rivian Customer Support on 11/19, and I have not received a response. Does anyone have an answer to my email question below? Can you provide me with a complete list of safety features for the R1T? I have seen articles on Driver+ features, but nothing on the lower...
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    Rivian Configurator is Up For Reservation Holders! Share Your Build / Configuration Inside

    Have not received the configuration email yet. Update @ 2:41 I received my configuration email. Going with the Adventure Package, El Cap Granite, Ocean Coast, 21" Road wheels.
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    Pirelli Develops Scorpion Tires Specifically For the Rivian R1T and R1S

    I guess after two tank turns the R1T needs new tires:rolleyes:
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    A Questions for the Curious

    I am starting a new thread for random and miscellaneous questions. Here is my curious question. Has anyone heard (pun intended) what the decibel level of the R1T horn? Being an off-road EV, it needs a decent audible horn. I can imagine a moose or other animals blocking my path when I’m in the...
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    Is There an EV Talent Shortage?

    Just for fun today, I did a quick scan of Rivian job positions on their website. I counted 717 openings for various posts. The 717 jobs are low, assuming some of these posts are to be filled by several employees. With the start-up of many EV manufacturers, including established car...
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    Charge by Towing

    Thanks for the replies. Now all I need is my R1T and a destination that is downhill both ways. :like:
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    Charge by Towing

    Interesting post. Will the battery receive a slight recharge when an R1T or R1S descends a mountain road or a long road with a downward sloping grade? Just curious.
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    Tesla Battery Day

    I agree battery improvements are going to be incremental. Has anyone heard or want to speculate on the warranty for the initial Rivian batteries or the R1T truck? Providing a warranty above their current competitors’ shows that they are fully standing behind their first-generation EVs.
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    Reservations About My Reservation

    Thanks for the information. I was also thinking about pulling back in the order queue.
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    Reservations About My Reservation

    As sit here waiting for Rivian to publish more information about the R1T. Some doubts have crept into my thoughts. Do I want to plop down 70K plus (depending upon options) for a truck I have not even seen in person and reconfigure my garage? I still have so many questions - location of charging...
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    Poll: Rivian Factory Delivery & Tour

    Need to weigh the delivery cost, what the factory tour includes, and availability dates for my visit. I think my R1T will not be ready for delivery until the Summer of 2022. And I am still waiting to see an R1T in person, along with available options.
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    Find your Rivian Order Number & Post it Here!

    Pre-Order #39193 Date: 12/26/2019