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  1. monzarottie

    What are you going to pull?

    There isn't anything like it anywhere else. It's got it all in a lightweight and aerodynamically efficient package. No wood to rot either! I see you're in Washington state. FWIW, Get Away RV in BC might sell you one off their showroom floor. This is what a fellow in Bend, Oregon did. He had just...
  2. monzarottie

    What are you going to pull?

    Yup. They're hand built by a small company. We waited 15 months for ours and drove from Portland, OR to Quebec to pick it up from the factory. Such a great little camper. Nothing compares.
  3. monzarottie

    What are you going to pull?

    I'll be towing my Safari Condo Alto R1713.
  4. monzarottie

    Rivian R1S in many different colors

    Both vehicles in red look pretty terrible IMHO. Limestone and LA Silver are too similar (of the two, I prefer Limestone though). I selected El Cap Granite for my config. I may switch to Forest Green. It looks good in person.
  5. monzarottie

    Wish List - Rivian Adventure Network (RAN) locations

    Highway 26 in John Day, OR
  6. monzarottie

    What We Know - Collecting Information Directly From Rivian

    Isn't the button for the power gate?
  7. monzarottie

    Moving a country Rivian

    KA-CHING! 💰💰💰
  8. monzarottie

    Ask your company to install chargers

    The company I retired from in January has about 100 ChargePoint chargers that are free to employees. Even with 100, it wasn't even close to enough. The more the merrier.
  9. monzarottie

    What We Know - Collecting Information Directly From Rivian

    I don't disagree with the concept. I just feel such a combination would be a compromise in audio quality. I use a Sonos Move which has spectacular sound quality. It adapts the EQ automatically every time it's moved to optimize for it's surroundings. Maybe that makes me an audio snob, but I was a...
  10. monzarottie

    What We Know - Collecting Information Directly From Rivian

    This feature sounds a bit gimmicky to me. 🤷🏻‍♂️
  11. monzarottie

    What We Know - Collecting Information Directly From Rivian

    I don't believe that would be feasible given how the rear hatch opens. i.e., not a door.
  12. monzarottie

    How Did Your Pre-Ordering Go Today?

    -Pre-ordered 09/08/19 -R1S -Configuration: Adventure, el Cap Granite, 20" black AT wheels, Black Mountain 5 seat interior. Purchasing the black ATs to bury in my loan that will be my snow tires. Will also purchase the 21" All Season.
  13. monzarottie

    Accessories Included in Config Pricing: Roof Rack and Tow Hitch?

    I will bet he hitch receiver is standard although the ball mount will be up to the buyer. Roof racks will undoubtably be extra.
  14. monzarottie

    Configurator Strategy?

    I think that would piss off the folks who got the LE. Would Rivian risk that?
  15. monzarottie


    My CE Rep said the 300+ pack was getting better range than the initially expected. I told her that knowing how much more would impact whether I purchase the Launch or hold out for the larger pack. She promised to inquire and get back to me soon. This was on Thursday.
  16. monzarottie


    This is exactly how I was reading the change in language. It does have me worried because I want a 5-seater R1S with long range pack. If it's more of a 300++ then I might consider the launch edition. The problem with that is we won't know exactly how long of range the large pack is until after...
  17. monzarottie

    20” All-Terrain or 22” Sport wheel upgrade included - Which is better 20 or 22

    Any replacement tire needs to be rated for an EV to ensure high enough pressure and load rating. DO NOT replace with just any tire that matches the dimensions.
  18. monzarottie


    Correct. The 180kw R1S will have 5 AND 7 seat options. I'm towing a Safari Condo Alto R1713 and while it's got a low coefficient of drag and only 2000lb dry, Im still opting for the 180kw pack. 5 seater though.