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  1. RivFly

    2021 Rivian R1T first drive review: It's going to be a game-changer (Roadshow)

    I thank the gals for their efforts and the great work in the Rebelle. I also thank Rivian for even allowing the whole thing to be done and for allowing the gals to talk about what's happened. This truck isn't even a "Gold Master" vehicle at this point, so much work still ahead so I'm not at all...
  2. RivFly

    HUMMER EV Pickup first official look

    Hummer looks cool! I think these are competing vehicles honestly......price, features, preference of styling and use will certainly come into the discussion but they're for the same customer. I will cross shop them. Both H-EV and Rivian have a bed and will haul some dirt bikes, after that the...
  3. RivFly

    Rivian R1T to participate in the 2020 Rebelle Rally [Update: 6th Place Finish]

    Thanks for posting the link. I think this idea about putting a relatively primitive test bed vehicle into an event like this is the right thing to do! I applaud the Rivian test team for their efforts and frankly the gals for even doing it. Its not like a previous winner of an event like this...
  4. RivFly

    Rivian R1T to participate in the 2020 Rebelle Rally [Update: 6th Place Finish]

    Its just a test vehicle.......doing test vehicle type things. I'm sure its probably even stronger cooling than a regular vehicle due to the nature of doing what they're doing! Imagine a bad scene with the truck up in would gladly take loud fans during an interview.;) Same with...
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    Rivian R1T to participate in the 2020 Rebelle Rally [Update: 6th Place Finish]

    Wow....... :facepalm: Highly critical are we?! That’s my opinion of that comment. I’ve actually really liked the presentations so far and having done live events before, things go off script and it’s never going to be perfect. Sorry but judging something that we (let alone the presenters)...
  6. RivFly

    Rivian R1T to participate in the 2020 Rebelle Rally [Update: 6th Place Finish]

    I was watching some of day 4 coverage via YouTube, good stuff. I just love the area their at, so much variation in the terrain, some of the best off road areas in the USA too!
  7. RivFly

    Fully Charged covers Long Way Up and Rivian & R1T

    I think there's a lot of judging going on with no real background information. I think its easy to judge something that we don't know much about and don't get me wrong......yes, IF this was a production vehicle or our own and something like these failures happened then the criticism is...
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    Rivian R1T to participate in the 2020 Rebelle Rally [Update: 6th Place Finish]

    Best of luck ladies! :handsinair: Really interested to see how the R1T does, basically where they're at is where I intend to use the truck. I was watching the live course day 1 coverage and was it was great to see they were using the knowledge of the Nevada landscape from Jimmy Lewis. That...
  9. RivFly

    Reservations About My Reservation

    Very interesting comments for sure.! I disagree with most of them but hey, that’s cool. This is really giving me a different side of EV life then my current circle or friends, that’s enlightening. As for a couple major points. I still disagree with trucks and range, shorter being better?! More...
  10. RivFly

    Reservations About My Reservation

    I totally get that! Thats one of those direct crossover patterns I was mentioning as compared to an ICE vehicle. Towing drops MPG......nothing different there. I completely get that too. Its also why range is important and one of the big differences between people city-roving and/or mall-roving...
  11. RivFly

    Reservations About My Reservation

    I guess that's one question I had does the $7500 credit apply? I was having this discussion with a Tesla friend and we both read this differently. Basically as I understand it, whatever you configure they will deduct $7500 after everything is said and done? Is that how it works or is...
  12. RivFly

    Rivian Battery Poll - VOTE HERE

    1) Yes I have......and don't take this the wrong way but that's a typical way EV people think (I have a few EV friends).....comparing the higher cost of something equivalent to something with the talking points, either luxury or HP. I get that but that's the flaw in that idea, the lack of the...
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    Introductions! Drop in and say hello new and old members...

    Hello All.......FNG here.......ummm, where's the coffee maker? So I'm here from a random directional vortex of all kinds of nonsense that somehow has me considering spending a god awful amount of money I've never before spent on a vehicle that's not even being sold yet. Geeeez......where do I...
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    Federal Tax Credit for Electric Vehicle Chargers Renewed

    All this can change on Nov 4 for the better or worse.......not to bring politics in.
  15. RivFly

    Even just a 1-5 mile per day solar panel would be handy

    I was just reading about a solar panel tonneau cover yesterday, which seems like a good idea. It saves power to a bed battery and a portable adaptor, almost like a gas can etc. It's basically something that is more about storage and use at a campsite instead of taking or adding power to a...
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    Video: R1T Towing 11k lbs up high grades at 118º F -- Hot Weather Towing | Progress Report by Rivian

    Aerodynamics and rolling resistance, all factors in towing. Heck.....try driving around your current vehicle with a chair on the roof and see what kind of range you get. its amazing how fluid dynamics plays a part......and all that without even factoring rolling resistance! As for the others...
  17. RivFly

    Shhh...Don’t Tell Anyone the Rain Isn’t *That* Bad

    Cool!! I didn't know that......excellent! I do know Fords got a hand here and I'm cool with that. I do like the new Bronco, just trying to think outside the box with R1T.:idea:
  18. RivFly

    Rivian Battery Poll - VOTE HERE

    I'm new here......but I've been around this EV thing with a few Model 3 friends and I'm looking for a useful vehicle. For me, its got to haul some dirt bikes all over the west coast so range is a big deal. I've long mentioned to my EV friends, until it hauls, goes semi serious off road, and can...
  19. RivFly

    Shhh...Don’t Tell Anyone the Rain Isn’t *That* Bad

    Oh why not.....Vancouver WA here......I think I'm in the wrong area but you guys seem like nice people. :turkey: I have a Bronco on pre-order but now I'm thinking of looking long term, sustainability, eco friendly yet useful (to haul my dirt bikes) and I said before, I...