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    Federal Tax Credit for Electric Vehicle Chargers Renewed

    I am a tax professional, but I'm not your tax professional. The EVSE must be placed in service this year for any of the costs related to it to be eligible for the credit. Your best bet is to buy and install a non-Rivian EVSE this year. I suspect the unit and the install through Rivian will be...
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    Poll on additional cost for 400 mile version

    The patent that generated the rumor was for an integrated battery pack expansion in the bed. As DucRider detailed, there are a lot of practical reasons why you shouldn't count on this. The fuel can idea (using the vehicle charger port while stopped) has its own limitations. You need an...
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    Rivian plans own charging network called Rivian Adventure Network!

    It's not like they'll be outfitting the sites with proprietary connectors. They may well open them up some day, but I can see wanting their owners to have a good experience and less competition for the chargers while they are still few and far between within these adventure areas.
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    What We Know - Collecting Information Directly From Rivian

    The camp kitchen is demoed with a two burner induction cooktop. That is most likely a 1.4-1.8kW appliance. I'd put money on the outlets being a shared 15A (if not 20A) circuit.
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    What We Know - Collecting Information Directly From Rivian

    There will be one standard outlet in the center console: What are the onboard outlets in the R1T? The R1T includes a 110v outlet in the center console, gear tunnel and two in the truck bed. You can also find a 12v outlet in the front trunk and under the center display...
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    Wish List - Rivian Adventure Network (RAN) locations

    Probably not to #2, and as for #1, there aren't that many gas stations in national parks either. I suspect that inside park boundaries, the emphasis will more likely be on Level 2 charging -- after all, cars spend many long hours parked at trailheads and campgrounds. I would only expect fast...
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    Trade ins?

    Here in WA as in a few other states, sales tax is computed on the net purchase when trading in. That bumps the effective value of a dealer trade in by 10%. Combine that with the reduced hassle of a separate transaction, and it starts to look pretty appealing.
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    Arizona discourages EV purchases

    Looks like it. Tax is 4% of assessed value. EVs have a 99% break in that assessed value until 2022 when the break is reduced to 80%. That still only amounts to 0.32% of MSRP in 2022 or $256 on an $80k R1T. Considering our four year old Volt is about $600/yr in Seattle, I don't event want to know...
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    Home charging and expiring tax credits

    We have been having a reliability problem with the J-1772 on our ChargePoint Home. They do not offer a replacement cord and made no effort to make it right (I don't think they even offered us a discount on a newer model). Our unit was only weeks out of warranty when the problem cropped up. We...
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    How many ordering Launch Edition ?

    That doesn't mean the initial runs of the vehicles will have connectors for any expansion batteries. You can come up with a "jerry can" system to plug in and charge the main batteries while you're stopped, but I don't expect this generation to be compatible with any sort of "expansion" of the...
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    AC 110V power outlet

    Considering the induction cooktop in the camp slide out powered by the same source, these are likely to be full 15 or 20A circuits.
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    Rivian Launches New Website: Updated Prices, Launch Edition, Timing, Colors and More!

    The Jan 2022 queue looks like it includes the 180kWh variant of the R1T as well -- just not the R1S: "For R1T, our 400+ mile pack will be available starting in January 2022. Initially, the R1S will only be available with our 300+ mile pack." The only R1T that won't be shipping in January 2022...
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    Are you excited or dissapointed?

    I haven't double checked the code itself, but the irs website says any 4-wheeled vehicle under 14k gross weight. So unless the Amazon vans are dulies, I would bet they're going to qualify.
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    Does Anyone on this forum also have a Mustang Mach E Reservation?

    Stupid franchise dealer laws. It was tweaked for just Tesla, but the bill that would have allowed other EV manufacturers to sell direct didn't make it out of committee during the last legislative session. Pretty sure you'll still be able to buy directly online, which is Rivian's model anyways...
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    Rivian Launches New Website: Updated Prices, Launch Edition, Timing, Colors and More!

    And people wonder why they've been so quiet for two years. Imagine if they had shared more about what they were considering doing... people would be livid at the number of changes! Seriously though, Lidar was to support Level 2 at launch with a path to Level 3 as they gather data. Seems they...
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    Rivian Launches New Website: Updated Prices, Launch Edition, Timing, Colors and More!

    Why is this so upsetting to people? Is it because Lidar is sexy and unique? It seems like it's unique because nobody is using it because everyone is realizing they can meet the actual user requirement without it. Lidar isn't a requirement. Being able to reliably perceive the world in order to...
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    Are you excited or dissapointed?

    If the van is eligible for the credit (I don't see why it wouldn't be), then they absolutely would count.
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    Rivian Launches New Website: Updated Prices, Launch Edition, Timing, Colors and More!

    No... they are giving the impression that the color is only available on launch editions, not that launch editions must be that color. See "Special Launch Green paint color option" in the Equipment Packages table.
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    Rivian Configurator is going live on 11/16!!!!

    To echo... Totally different people with totally different tools and processes. I would not jump to any conclusions about the vehicles based on the marketing team accidentally clicking publish on a mock-up without realizing it.
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    Rivian Configurator is going live on 11/16!!!!

    I think the point is: 1) they didn't (intend to) announce a date. The marketing team was mocking up what the website will look like after the email goes out, and accidentally pushed to production. This kind of thing happens frequently... the things I have seen find their way to production...