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    Inside Electrify America’s plan to simplify electric car charging

    Likewise, and I believe research suggests they’ve found that to be true for most. It was asked to you what’s the few extra kWh at $0.14? Nothing, but the time is valuable. You mentioned this, but the conservative driving behind then EPA numbers has a bigger cost to the BEVs with today’s...
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    Florida Pre-orders.....anyone???

    Great share. It’s amazing to think the EV evolution is in many ways just beginning. Imo EV isn’t just changing the drivetrain, but treating cars like Tech. I occasionally still get nostalgic over great exhaust notes, but my kids are going to find that funny when they’re of age to care.
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    Regenerative Braking Capacity

    So true. Safer, too, with more stopping as soon as you take the foot off the pedal.
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    Florida Pre-orders.....anyone???

    I recently moved to Tampa and have a R1S preorder. Growing up with ICE SUVs like Land Rover Discovery but driving my wife’s Tesla S, the R1S had my heart at first glance. Fun times watching the transportation industry finally be driven by Tech.