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  1. superdavePA

    New Rivian Colors Discussion -- Vote On Your Preferred Color

    Wife and I were trying to get a sense of the Launch Green....she says it looks like a shade of 'baby poop'...had to laugh since it brought back memories of an old 'SouthPark' episode...poop-swatches, lol! We picked the Forrest Green. :like:
  2. superdavePA

    What We Know - Collecting Information Directly From Rivian

    User @azbill posted this in another thread on Thus 11/19, regarding the RIT payload and tongue weight: "Chat started: 8:15 AM Hello and thanks for contacting Rivian! My name is Martin. How can I help today? Customer Service Specialist The web site no longer shows data for maximum payload for...
  3. superdavePA

    Show Your Rivian Spirit

    Great idea! I used Zazzle (easy) and made one too. The graphics Rivian has on their website are high-res and perfect for this. Very nice.
  4. superdavePA

    How is there no one else here?

    I'm with ya...over by Allentown, PA :like:
  5. superdavePA

    White Rivian R1S real life pics (Lunar Rock interior)

    Wow...I was more of a Green exterior and darker interior, but this looks great actually. Kind of reminds me of IKEA in a weird way. lol
  6. superdavePA

    New Official Video: Normal, August 2020 | Progress Report | Rivian

    Looks like a lot of work ahead to setup and program the robots on the line...maybe we'll see a future robot dance with matching Blue Man group! :idea:
  7. superdavePA

    Find your Rivian Order Number & Post it Here!

    106XX, 4/28/2019...yeah :), R1S
  8. superdavePA

    Touring Rivian

    At the end there are some interesting open positions in LA. A quick read thru the postings would indicate charging stations of related. Hmmm.
  9. superdavePA

    Rivian videos as posted on Rivian Stories or their YouTube channel.

    Lol, yeah it's marketing alright... people with more time on their hands, "...I live in my van so I can donate everything to charity ..when I'm not climbing, I'm biking and hiking..." LOL. I can see the producer now, " probably can't afford this awesome vehicle right now, but you have...
  10. superdavePA

    Adventurous Forever video series launched by Rivian

    Yes, exciting! The burnt orange is nice and reminds me of my John Cooper Works Mini color (darker burnt orange) I know what someone previous stated a 'root beer'. Also, had to chuckle when the one employee said to RJ that the headlights are 'ugly' and that RJ said 'they'll grow on ya.'...