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    Launch Green - Come on Rivian, Pictures Please!

    I actually went through a similar thought process and have the same configuration with 22” wheels. Being in the PNW, you really do vibe with the trees and the outdoors...RIP that poor guy that was tagged.
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    What We Know - Collecting Information Directly From Rivian

    I need more info on this. They should change the video on Slide 4 of 5 under “Section 2: Experience” on the website (and in our config emails). The video could imply an electromagnetic sunroof since that’s what many have been thinking and I thought I was looking at in the dynamic illustration...
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    What We Know - Collecting Information Directly From Rivian

    Wait what? Is this for the R1T?
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    Any idea how configuration updates are going to work?

    Hope everyone has spare change. We may be nickle and dimed all the way to $90k or higher. I mean, an adventure vehicle kinda needs a spare tire to start!
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    How Did Your Pre-Ordering Go Today?

    I haven’t heard anything. I’m guessing their next focus will be test drives for preorders.
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    Accessories Included in Config Pricing: Roof Rack and Tow Hitch?

    Weird to configure a car but don’t know 100% of what I’m potentially buying because according to the disclaimer, this is all still hypothetical ;-) Does anyone have any info on: - Whether roof racks and/or a tow hitch are included in our configuration pricing? - Also, wheel mud flaps/guards...
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    How Did Your Pre-Ordering Go Today?

    -Pre-ordered 10/19 -R1S -Configuration: LE, Launch Green 22” Sport wheels exterior and Forest Edge, 7 seat interior (because my children will decimate a white interior and I feel like I’m in a cave during our winters when I have a car with a black interior) Wondering about my wheel size and...
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    Shhh...Don’t Tell Anyone the Rain Isn’t *That* Bad

    Well with a 300 mi battery pack I’ll be safe to get to the grocery store and back.
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    Why so quiet from Rivian?

    I’ve wondered too and appreciate your post. So I’ve been peeking into their “careers” section and employee reviews online to get a pulse on where they are as a company and confirm whether my money, applied respect and admiration are warranted. My guess is that they’re moving from the...
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    Shhh...Don’t Tell Anyone the Rain Isn’t *That* Bad

    Hi there. We’ll need to have a meet up once we start receiving our vehicles!
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    R1T $69,000 starting price - opinions

    I hope the heck not!! If that’s the case I (and I believe many others) am out. Yes there is the environmental aspect which motivates me to purchase either a R1T or R1S (reserved) or both but there is most definitely an economical impact. For both the R1T and R1S, the either phasing out or...
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    Creative solution...portable charging stations for the holiday rush!

    Something I never thought about was the difficultly in getting a charger during the holiday commuting rush. Someone at a Tesla deserves a raise for this solution.
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    Rivian Survey

    I replied: Vehicle Pricing Warranty Charging infrastructure Servicing If I’d had more than 4 choices I would have added test drives.
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    Shhh...Don’t Tell Anyone the Rain Isn’t *That* Bad

    Checking in here from the PNW. Reservation in for a R1S and I’m excitedly awaiting the day when I get to drive a Rivian on our beautiful PNW roads! Clarification: the roads aren’t that great but the scenery is!
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    First generation buyer concerns ...

    From what I can tell, short of flying or mowing my yard, there isn’t too much that the R1S doesn’t have that I would want/need for the immediate future. Granted I change cars frequently because like Goldilocks, I still haven’t quite found the car that is just “right”. Some people want their...
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    which will ship first?

    I voted for R1T because I’m biased but also because I anticipate when the R1T does come out, it’s going to be fully baked and nothing short of amazing. If anything else is pushed out just to compete I sure hope for the other company’s sake that their product is ready. From a marketing...
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    Thoughts on the bottom door design?

    From a cleanliness or water seal aspect I think it’s brilliant.
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    Glass Roof - Does it open?

    I for one am bummed the glass roof is fixed. I feel like sunroofs are a great solution for those who don’t want the full sun exposure of a convertible. Plus have you ever carpooled a bunch of teenagers after a heavy sports practice? The car is just stuffy at best and reeks at worst. The...