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  1. Start Stop Buttons

    I thought at first that I would want a start stop button like my other vehicles. Turns out now that I have a system like Rivian without a start stop button, I find the start stop button approach to be very old school. The system in the Rivian works great. Just get in and go. Get out and...
  2. Rivian Seat Component Breakdown: Sandy Munro Live

    I find the seats in Rivian to both feel and look very premium, but have also road tripped 6 hours in one day, and can for me, 100% comfortable the entire time. At 5k miles, zero signs of wear, which is how it should be, but I have had cars in past where that wasn't case.
  3. Positive service experience

    It doesn't help that it seems, at least the 3 EA stations I have been at, all seem designed for Livewires and maybe Bolts. And they put the big juice right in the middle so us Rivian, Hummer, and Lightning types, are all on top of each other.
  4. Positive service experience

    I had an EA post also lunge at my door and leave a dent.... Dent Wizard fixed it....but not for free! That level of service Rivian provided is very impressive!
  5. 2 week (almost) issues

    A somewhat good match for Forest Green is DupliColor Chrysler PG8, but I have only used on small rock chips, so not certain for larger work.
  6. Tailgate not dropping? Anyone else?

    Mine also does not drop on own, but also how I want it to work. Also don't want the gear tunnel doors falling on own.
  7. New Owner - PaaK and Fob won't start vehicle?

    I have found when the vehicle and PAAK stop communicating and you get the key not present deal-e-o, a solution is to lock and unlock, from the app. Then it works again. Seems that forces communication to reestablish.
  8. Creaking/Clicking sound when slowing down with regen

    Since it was aligned, I would check fasteners on panels underneath. Make sure they are present and tight enough.

    If this had been how it was approached from the beginning and not with the sensationalism journalism on YouTube, then maybe...just maybe....what you are seeing in how people are reacting on the internet...might have been a bit different.
  10. Phone As A Key Performance

    I hope they do fix this. Mine Galaxy S20 has only same level permissions...highest is "when using app"...
  11. Phone As A Key Performance

    I have noticed if I force my phone awake it works. So I have to take phone out of pocket as I approach and it works. Otherwise apparently my phone is sleeping or something everytime I put in pocket.
  12. Rivian Easter Egg - Steps For Display Screen

    Has anybody found a way to effect ride height trim type setting? Something that would allow slight adjustment to account for sensor mounting variation, at the software level? Goal is to slightly adjust if it vehicle is slightly leaning to one side.
  13. ADAS Advanced Driver Assist Systems Review - Sandy Munro Live

    This one is bad...really bad....they never engaged Driver+ and lane keep assist. All they are getting is the super low level alert that you are deviating off lane. Needs to come down.. straight up false and wrong.
  14. Not liking one pedal driving

    The only thing I don't like about the regen braking, is adjusting back to ICE braking when I drive my wife's Jeep. And ICE lag on throttle inputs.
  15. Wind noise "within tolerance" say the SC

    I am in the minority I suspect, that actually like that my tailgate doesn't drop without a little help. Keeps it from hitting garage door by accident.
  16. General NVH / Squeaks / Noises / Rattles Solutions

    Unfortunately I am Unfortunately when I am chasing noises, I am on a mission, and often things I try have no effect. And I don't take many pictures. Plus most of these wouldn't represent well. Like me holding a bottle of silicon lube up to where two trim pieces come together on bumper. And the...
  17. General NVH / Squeaks / Noises / Rattles Solutions

    I have finally tracked down I believe all my various NVH sources. I share so that others may benefit. Now that I have solved them, the truck went from what I thought were alot of suspension noise and janky, to remarkably well sorted out and quiet sounding, and I have the 20's. Not one noise was...
  18. Rivian R1T Door Construction Analysis: Sandy Munro Live

    Like I always say.....want a company to come up with new and innovative products and grow....put an engineer/sales in CEO position. Want to shrink and cut costs....put in an accountant as CEO. RIVIAN is in growth mode....time to win forever fans....later can be when accounting (Monroe types)...

    Breaking something Agree. This isn't likely some uneducated / unexperienced design of a first time engineer. Likely a supplier item anyway and designed and manufactured by a supplier that makes pedals for probably many other vehicle manufacturers. So those jumping to the "recall...major...