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  1. Forager1

    Sizing Up the R1S : Official Rivian Feature. Explore our uncompromising sport utility vehicle from every angle.

    Argh! Anyone else think they were getting a test drive invite?
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    Got the new wheels / tires to show fitment, not wheel choice

    I wonder how this will turn if the suspension fails and the truck is slammed on the bump stops? That’s a primary reason I haven’t messed with non-stock size wheels and tires for my Land Rover.
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    Clicking when accelerating from stop

    I’ve seen this described in other threads and it seems consistent with driveline backlash, which is normal. What’s not normal is how prevalent it is for a new vehicle. I’d put in a ticket.
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    The Rivian R1S: What Do You Want To Know? Rivian's closed-back family hauler is coming soon, but our review is coming even sooner.

    I want to know the rear load floor height and dimensions of the biggest box I could fit behind the second row through the tailgate opening.
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    R1T Trip report. Round trip Portland OR to San Jose CA

    55mph average, if nearly all highway could lead to very good efficiency compared to 65-70mph driving. Based on my rough math, I think over 3mi/kWh is totally doable at 55mph and sea level —anyone want to lend me an R1T for some testing?
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    Got this email from Rivian just now - R1T shop

    Oh, I hope not!!! EMAW
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    Efficiency Showdown: Ford F-150 Lightning vs Rivian R1T- Out of Spec Reviews

    As an engineer, I do appreciate the thoroughness of the Out of Spec videos. I subscribed for a while so I wouldn’t miss anything, but I finally unsubscribed recently because of how noticeably the content was being created to “feed the algorithm” and increase revenue. I understand that’s the...
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    R1S Demo Drives expected to start "early this summer": CS chat

    That would be fine if we could even get an R1T demo drive.
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    R1T updated estimated delivery window email (received June 11)

    R1Ts moving left in the schedule is at the expense of R1S moving right, no doubt.
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    The looming recession & your place in line for a Rivian [WARNING: NO POLITICS]

    I’d point out that the S&P 500 is still up almost 5% from 18 months ago. Unless you started investing in the last 12 months, you are probably still “up” —inflation not withstanding. Otherwise, I by and large agree with this assessment. Personally, I’m going to defer my R1 purchase as long as...
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    clunk noise/feeling

    Congrats! Hopefully the Lightning arrives s00n. I’d love to check it out, especially a side by side.
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    clunk noise/feeling

    Back lash. Will be interesting to see if it increases with vehicle age. Some brands are known for having excessive back lash, especially as the drivetrain wears in. How did I not realize you got your R1T? I thought you were going to get the Lightning first based on messaging from Ford.
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    Configuring outside charger, any thoughts?

    I was planning to install an EVSE outdoors. Your idea of installing a cat door in your garage door seems good if you are worried and theft or logistics of installing an EVSE outside.
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    R1S first look videos from Yosemite [shows space available with seats folded, connections, & storage]

    Crash safety. Ever notice how every generation car gets several inches larger in every direction but the inside stays roughly the same? This thing is much smaller on the inside than it appears to be from the outside. Just compare the interior specs to other 3-row SUVs. The interior volume is...
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    R1S Size Comparisons to other SUVs and Trucks

    I think the scale is correct, but the overlays are centered rather than using a consistent reference point like the center of the front axle/wheel. This makes some comparisons look “off”.
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    Overland Systems 270 degree awning installed

    I don’t see a reason for the brace when you have gussets at the connection. I’d be comfortable running it without.
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    DIY Camp Kitchen (In Progress)

    This seems like a perfect application for nutserts, which if you aren’t familiar, are special nuts that be blind installed into sheet metal. Build a frame that bolts to the nutserts you install in the floor and then bolt your slides to the frame. I’ve got a couple 60” slides just waiting for...
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    RJ Shows interior of R1S (Canyon Red)

    This confirms what I have inferred from sillouhettes and listed dimensions: the cargo area is long, but short in stature. The R1S has the same cargo capacity as my LR3, but is a good 6” shorter in cargo height.
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    RJ Shows interior of R1S (Canyon Red)

    Finally! Not a lot of height in there though, 🤔
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    Video: Ceramic Coating of R1 Charge Door Parts by Cerakote

    I was watching this Hagerty video about Cerakote and the finisher is doing a “production” run of parts for Rivian. These are the charge door bracket, you can spiral machined into the bracket that allows the door to rotate upward as it opens. Interesting, though brief, discussion about why they...