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  1. Blur1t

    Bed mounted vs hitch mounted bike rack?

    I just got the Kuat Transfer, I’ve been wheels off bike guy since the 90’s but just bought a new 29er that the wheels don’t come off so easily so I think the RTT will be a good combo for hitch rack freeing up the roof for kayak…lol just dropped the rack mounts on the configuration. We will see...
  2. Blur1t

    clunk noise/feeling

    As long as that is a “Normal” thing covered under warranty lol.
  3. Blur1t

    R1S first look videos from Yosemite [shows space available with seats folded, connections, & storage]

    Wishful thinking, knew it couldn’t be that easy but your right, rear collision could be a problem.
  4. Blur1t

    COMPASS YELLOW Rivian Club & Photos

    Might be one of the best fit for those black rims… :)
  5. Blur1t

    Next stop, Ushuaia? Black Widow Carrier carrying Livewire One Motorcycle

    That’s awesome! I was looking into the Del Mar version next year as my max pack will be hopefully delivered by then. Let us know your adventures would love to hear about it!
  6. Blur1t

    Anyone from Ohio?

    I finally after three years of being a Pre holder got to see one in person. Funny thing is I Live in Northern Cincinnati Mason area and spotted it in a parking lot in Kentucky at the Arc Experience… not my color or wheel option but my God was it beautiful. I had the wife get out and snap a few...
  7. Blur1t

    First reported Adventure trim Rivian R1T delivery

    Yes sorry as quick as I wrote it I remembered. Thanks
  8. Blur1t

    First reported Adventure trim Rivian R1T delivery

    You know I thought Adventure had black mirrors not the trim color?
  9. Blur1t

    Owners: What are your biggest gripes so far?

    I always use sun visor.
  10. Blur1t

    TFLEV "Towing, Off-Road & Charging - What I Learned About the Rivian R1T After Living With It a Week!" video.

    I’m Pretty sure you flat tow in neutral, so the difference is resistance is much less in neutral unlike regen when going downhill which is like a gear reduction slow down - even though there are no “planetary gears like old school transmissions… I’m not an engineer though I could be completely...
  11. Blur1t

    Ford is Working with ADT to Launch a Vehicle Security System - Canopy

    Still using chips and software from 2012… lol ?
  12. Blur1t

    I’m backkkkk. What do you want to see / know?

    Yes, and based off what happened in the Rebelle Rally has me thinking that too, maybe it’s just $1500 worth of plastic and $500 tow hooks… gosh I hope not too!
  13. Blur1t

    Rivian Service Centers / Retail Locations List / Other Facilities (Pics & Updates)

    Looks like the Louisville area will soon have a service center soon as well! :)
  14. Blur1t

    Rivian R1T MAX PACK delivery update from customer service -- Q1 2023 Possible

    thats my concern for not choosing anything with a Bow tie and ev flavored.
  15. Blur1t

    $80 to Fast Charge Your Rivian!

    That was my favorite cartoon for a bit… ?
  16. Blur1t

    $80 to Fast Charge Your Rivian!

    Too much capitalism here In The states. Your right though , it’s not like the EA stations are creating the electrons, they’re just allowing the access to them. Unless of course they’re running off of hydro, wind or solar, and here in Ohio I doubt that very much. Canada has a lot of things...