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  1. kneebuster

    5 R1T’s 4 Wheeling Trip Report, Yankee Hill, Colorado, June 19, 2022

    I got my R1T (Artemis - goddess of wild nature) on May 10th. Didn't get my spare until June 6th so held off on wheeling. On Sunday 6/19 4 R1Ts from the Colorado Rivian Club, and 1 from the Gateway Rivian Club, ran Yankee Hill Road west of Central City Colorado (Yankee Hill to Central City -...
  2. kneebuster

    R1T in Miir booth at Outdoor Retailer June 2022

    I forgot to post this earlier. At Outdoor Retailer last week the Miir booth had an R1T. They were using the camp kitchen to serve up complimentary pour-over coffee. I was talking to one of their employees while I was in line and she said that she'd thought Rivian would be giving each new...
  3. kneebuster

    Kuat NV2 bike rack on R1T

    For those of you who might have a Kuat NV2 bike rack you want to use with your truck. It fits, but with a bike mounted inboard the pedal is dangerously close to the tailgate. Also, when dropped down the tailgate hits the rack, even without a bike. With the bike in the outboard spot...
  4. kneebuster

    Camping/tailgaiting in comfort

    Decided to mount up a new toy (or is it set of toys?) today to check them out. Now I just need this winter storm to pass (and a camp kitchen to arrive) for the ultimate camping/tailgaiting setup. hers/hers, his/his, or hers/his hammock chairs. Only put on 1 of the chairs cause of the wind...
  5. kneebuster

    Misguided article by Outside Magazine

    We Designed the Perfect Electric Adventure Vehicle - Outside Online Written by someone who appears to have never driven an EV for any length of time, and has little knowledge of the losses in a mechanical drive train. I normally like the writers at Outside, but this one has a clear bias...