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  1. Towing trip report from Austin to San Antonio Texas

    I did my trip last Saturday around noon. The temperature was mid-90s heading towards 100. The A/C worked perfectly and kept up just fine. I really like the cooled seats on those hot Texas days. I am thinking of tinting the front windows and maybe putting a UV tint on the windshield but...
  2. Towing trip report from Austin to San Antonio Texas

    Just to clarify, the trailer I used had surge brakes as opposed to electric trailer brakes. The issue TFL ran into would only happen with electric brakes and it does seem like it should be easy for Rivian to adopt the simple solution that Ford uses. With surge brakes, once the state of...
  3. Spotify Account Security issues - Rivian?

    PSA: Never trust emails like this. Nine times out of ten these are spoofed and clicking the reset password button takes you to a fake page that captures your login credentials. If you get an email like this, don't click on any of the links or buttons. Instead, open up a web browser...
  4. Towing trip report from Austin to San Antonio Texas

    Over the weekend, I used my R1T to tow a car hauler with my Land Rover 110 on it from Austin to San Antonio. I used about 53% of the battery pack on the way there and about 38% of the battery on the way back with an empty trailer. Overall, it towed like a dream. Since this was my first time...
  5. Rivian R1T vs. Ford Raptor comparison side by side

    Pulled into my local Rudy's BBQ today and saw a Ford Raptor parked in the lot. I figured you all would like to see how my R1T compares to it. Overall, in real life they are pretty comparable with the exception that the Raptor is quite a bit wider.
  6. Phone As A Key Performance

    I'm not sure if this is a coincidence or not but the two times it didn't lock for me, I realized that I'd clipped the carabiner key fob inside of my backpack which was sitting in the truck. It is working perfectly now that I'm not leaving the key to my expensive truck inside of it. :)
  7. Texas Fast Charger dead zones

    All of those sites in New Mexico are going to be awesome. We need to invoke some state pride to shame us Texans into doing something similar. Another dead zone is in South Texas. Taking a trip to South Padre Island is painful with the current infrastructure:
  8. Texas Fast Charger dead zones

    I'm glad to know this is possible. It certainly makes trips from Texas to New Mexico a lot more viable. West and South Texas have so many fast charger dead zones. Does anyone know if there are plans to add a DC Fast Charger in Lubbock?
  9. Any activity in the Austin, TX area?

    Quick update: my delivery is now scheduled for Monday.
  10. Any activity in the Austin, TX area?

    I'm in Austin. The purchase process opened up for me on Sunday! I'm just waiting to schedule my delivery. For what it is worth, my guide has been super responsive throughout this process. Launch Green, Black Mountain, Black 20"