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  1. RBR1S

    Not liking one pedal driving

    I fully expect to have a learning curve as R1S will be my first EV. Will I miss coasting, probably yes because I do it a lot (to the point I like when my dash says I'm getting 99mpg, aka I've been coasting for a while). I'll have to learn that I can't completely take my foot off like I do...
  2. RBR1S

    Rivian electric bikes inbound? Former Specialized CTO moves to Rivian signaling e-bike advancement

    But will they fit in the gear tunnel. :CWL: I'm assuming these would be great to go somewhere while you are plugged in slow charging (ie off to lunch or whatever). Hopefully they would charge as simple as plugging into the truck via 110v outlet. They can build whatever toys they want...
  3. RBR1S

    Rear seat removal - anyone tried?

    The wiring harness is most likely for the heated rear seats. I went through the OG and didn't find anything else that it would be used for but that's my best guess.
  4. RBR1S

    Differing shades of gray - ElCap, LASilver, Limestone comparison photo

    Got the awesome chance to see them all together, for those that need help deciding. Lighting conditions were heavily overcast mid-afternoon day via S21 camera. Thanks so much for the chance to see them all together. The conclusion I've come to about the colors - El Cap(closest) = shiny...
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    Photos: R1T with preproduction Ocean Coast interior

    Thanks for more real world pictures. Rivian serioiusly needs to have A) better pictures that are color accurate than the ordering website B) a show room that we can see them in person for ourselves. Hopefully soon for both.
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    Charging between Moab, UT and Albuquerque, NM

    It looks like Durango it is! Thanks everyone.
  7. RBR1S

    Charging between Moab, UT and Albuquerque, NM

    I'm kind of noticing that PlugShare isn't always giving me info, even refreshing. I hadn't used ABRP but I'll dig into it, Thanks!
  8. RBR1S

    Charging between Moab, UT and Albuquerque, NM

    Thoughts on how to do this? Plugshare shows nothing other than a few random J1772 going US550 to US491 until Monticello, UT. 311 miles (aka not gonna make it) Only option I see is leave Albuquerque over to Grants, 100% charge at the AE at Walmart, then squeak the 251miles up US491 miles...
  9. RBR1S

    Tuxmat needs to measure

    This site has my attention now. I like the looks of those mats.
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    Photos: R1T with preproduction Ocean Coast interior

    WHOA - you are not helping me make up my mind. The two pics are SO different. I've been wanting to change over from BM to FE but wasn't sure, now I'm like which one is real - I need to see this in person- The gray appearance = stylish and sophisticated, the green appearance screams 90s...
  11. RBR1S

    Sizing Up the R1S : Official Rivian Feature. Explore our uncompromising sport utility vehicle from every angle.

    This white makes it look so BIG. Then I realized it's a lot bigger than I'm used to with JGC. Literally longer, wider, taller. Of course it doesn't help that my brain keeps saying the tree behind it is the spare tire like on the back of a Wrangler.
  12. RBR1S

    Video: R1T charging with LED light bar cycling

    Don't even think about it, If its like most progress bars, it would end up stuck at 99% and then it wouldn't let you drive. I guess that's better than a spinning donut though, or an hour glass.
  13. RBR1S

    El CAP GRANITE Rivian Club & Photos

    The matte definitely grabs my vibe. It adds sophistication in my book. I need to see ElCap with matte next to Limestone with matte to see which one is grabbing me more (don't call me an Elcap traitor, I'm just wondering).
  14. RBR1S

    LIMESTONE Rivian Club & Photos

    Great shots. You're seriously making me wonder about changing config from ElCap to Limestone. Basically Dark Gray to Light Gray. *if R1S would just show up, I wouldn't have these competing thoughts*
  15. RBR1S

    Removing 21" wheel aero covers + 3d printed hub cap = clean, easy

    Curious, is there a reason to have it not cover the entire center including lugs? Just make it one smooth surface over the entire center.
  16. RBR1S

    Report: Santa Barbara to Oakland Towing 15' Boat

    This definitely needs attention if it's a bug. That being said - I've seen at least 3 posts now about similar and in one the person realized they were looking out of the back (turning around) enough that their butt comes off the seat, so the sensors think they've left the vehicle somehow. The...
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    Building a new home, charging advice

    So the ESVE I linked would be against code regardless of plug or hardwired, since it says 50A and that would be 83% on a 60A breaker.
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    El CAP GRANITE Rivian Club & Photos

    Fair enough. I guess that's like the people who say LA silver is "light gray" vs El Cap being "dark gray".:D
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    El CAP GRANITE Rivian Club & Photos

    Yeah, R1S is panoramic all glass. I've seen posts talking of having it aftermarket tinted to avoid sun. OC makes me think dirty/stained over the long term. If you've ever seen the blue jean stains on white leather, that's my thinking. I'd like to see the FE in person since green really...
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    Building a new home, charging advice

    Help me understand your statements (I'm not challenging them). But you're saying effectively, it's against code to have anything plugged in that would draw 100% of the circuit - in your example 40A EVSE on a 40A circuit. Similar with the 50A device I linked plugged into a 50A socket, again 100%.