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  1. Sierra trip pics

    That’s one of my favorite drives in the world. Can you share overall mi/kwh? I imagine you regained quite a bit on the way home.
  2. Rivian Adventure Network (RAN) Fast Charging Launches in Colorado and California

    That would be a great one, just off I5. I really hope they plan something for 101 as well. I’m one of those weird people that would much prefer 101 over I5 even if it means an extra hour to Orange County from SF.
  3. Towing trip report from Austin to San Antonio Texas

    In defense of all other non-towers, I’m a near-lifelong truck owner and use my trucks for very truck-y things, with the glaring exception of rarely towing anything long distances. Very glad the Rivian is pushing the boundaries on EV towing. Bound to do good things for others out there.
  4. EA Electrify America Network is like a box of chocolates... 2000 mile trip report

    Is there a straightforward way to identify which is which from either the EA app or something like PlugShare?
  5. Efficiency Showdown: Ford F-150 Lightning vs Rivian R1T- Out of Spec Reviews

    Ignore the haters! Good stuff, keep it coming. Can you confirm though the weights of both? IIRC the Lightning comes in at 6500lbs so considerably lighter than the Rivian. But that might not be true of the Platinum spec.
  6. Rivian R1T Towing Comparison- Sandy Munro Live

    I don’t know what the weight distribution of that monster is, but you’re probably right that the front is (much) heavier than the rear. There are minor aero benefits of having a vehicle like that point forward, I guess (?), but i’d much prefer the stability of lower tongue weight if it’s safe...
  7. Engineering Explained: The Holy Grail of AWD Systems - Rivian R1T

    Each motor is rated at > 1/4 total system power, according to someone else here in the forums, meaning total theoretical output of the motors (not including supporting electronics and cabling) is greater than 4x a single motor. So theoretically each motor could put out >1/4 power to a single...
  8. Engineering Explained: The Holy Grail of AWD Systems - Rivian R1T

    He nails every single important point about their system, even calling out “shortcomings” when in fact those are artificial since you’re pretty traction limited in the first place, per-tire. Great video from him as always. Love this guy’s work.
  9. OutofSpec Kyle Gets His R1T - Rivian Factory Delivery Video

    Of all people getting VIP/early access, he seems worthy. Guy does things for right reasons, guy gets unexpected reward. Congrats Kyle!
  10. T-0: Received my new truck. First impressions.

    Congratulations! Very nice. When did you make your reservation? I’m also bay area, maybe 30 minutes from the service center in SSFO.
  11. Rivian Colors, An Up Close Comparison

    The only regret is that I will be giving it up when the Rivian is delivered. Otherwise, I have absolutely adored having that color. It makes me smile every time I look at it. In fact, I selected that truck (was deciding between the objectively superior F150 and the Tundra) because of Voodoo...
  12. Rivian Colors, An Up Close Comparison

    Launch Green is such a great color. And I’m starting to really like the red more than I’d thought. Seeing Limestone up close actually makes me like it a bit less. I had hoped for a much less metallic effect. FYI I’m coming from a TRD Pro in Voodoo Blue, which is devoid of metal flake...
  13. Found good bike mount option for Rivian R1T using Yakima Frontloader

    That’s great info, thanks. We’d be doing 2 29ers and a 24 (for now, until he grows more). Looks like it might work out, at least for a few years until he graduates to a 27/29er.
  14. Found good bike mount option for Rivian R1T using Yakima Frontloader

    Thanks for posting! I’m going to need to go 3-wide for road trips if we want to maintain the bed / tonneau for gear. Do you think another rack would fit on the center of the crossbars (since they’re thinner on the extension piece)?
  15. RJScaringe: Sand Mode coming soon via OTA software update [in-action preview video]

    First place I took my current truck off-roading (that probably deserves quotes - it’s not that hard if you are paying attention) was Pismo Beach. I’d planned on recreating that experience (with the pics!) when my R1T shows up. My daughter had her permit, and I let her thrash it around in the...
  16. [Video] Out of Spec: Hitting The Trails For The First Time This Year With A Rivian R1T, Frontier Pro-4X, & Lexus GX!

    Watching the Rivian struggle in a few areas really makes me wonder if a 2-motor setup, with active clutches for each wheel per motor, wouldn’t be a considerably better way to go for wheeling. It would be very useful to hear from Rivian engineers whether my hypothesis - which is that you can’t...
  17. First R1T on Bring a Trailer

    That’s hilarious. I’m glad BaT exists, for my neighbor, who just got 70k for his Blazer. That said, it’s like Pinkbike on steroids in the sense of “Pick a <thing> and be a d*ck about it” in the comments section sometimes.
  18. PSA: Power Tonneau Care & Operating

    The R1T will be my 5th truck, and I’m incredibly excited for an integrated tonneau. Historically, I’ve gone with tops and skipped tonneaus because of the inherent ability to Store More Crap (and sleep) in the back out of the weather. The only downside is getting more than 2 mtn bikes on the...
  19. Nice chilly trip today - 275 mile loop up Colorado mountains

    Thanks! Perfect excuse for another road trip next weekend. 😁
  20. Nice chilly trip today - 275 mile loop up Colorado mountains

    How many kWh did you add at the charger, and then how much did you return home with? Trying to get a sense of how much regen you got on your way home, considering the considerable drop in elevation. Would you have made the entire route without the extra charge, knowing what you know now...