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  1. R1T Overlanding Adventure. Steens, Alvord Desert, Central OR

    Thank you for the write up! Great views! Having to live vicariously until I can do some practice runs with mine. Curious as to what tool you used to plot your trips. I just got an Garmin InReach for father's Day that can plat trips but still learning it....
  2. Census poll - May/June windows without Guide contact yet (R1T & R1S)

    @LoneStar I'm similar to your build, a June 2020 order, and I just got my guide email at 4:34 PDT today... Any luck for you?
  3. Two pairs of crossbars, two different styles of key.

    As stated they use Yakima cores, so the metal key is just used to remove cores. That way you can order same cores from Yakima and just use the one set of keys for all your Yakima locks
  4. 34" inch AT tires on 20s rubbing in Conserve mode

    Also, FWIW, I was talking with Service Tech and he mentioned that many early Rivian employees that have had trucks for awhile and been driving daily in just conserve mode found that the front tires showed wear. So it might be a combo, but sounds like front wheel drive for daily driving will...
  5. TFL chops wood… Can Rivian R1T Survive a Hard Days Work & Hauling?

    Found their podcast on the Rivian posted yesterday and they go into some interesting details. Basically said unofficially those logs were probably over the rated payload...
  6. Rivian R1T Build & Paint Quality Video: Initial Impressions

    Yep! One thing I learned On My test drive, we had the sound up just below max and when a door opened the sounds automatically decreased in volume and how it sounded (not just because the door was open). I asked the rivian staff and he said it is a feature of the sounds system
  7. Seattle First Mile Test Drives Registration!

    that was the only time left on Sat (assuming others had already been taken). There were about 3/day morning/noon and late afternoon from when I went to book and ranged from Monday to Sat... I'm guessing there will be more rounds opening up. Have no idea how I got selected.
  8. Seattle First Mile Test Drives Registration!

    Yes, 8 am on the 20th.
  9. Seattle First Mile Test Drives Registration!

    I did, before they ended up out of stock .. wasn't sure if they would actually ship as I had it in my "cart" for sometime and had to re-login and realized the store said out of stock for that item but it was still in my cart. So I decided to go for it. I ordered them on Wed of last week...
  10. Seattle First Mile Test Drives Registration!

    I have seen my config in the area LG/FE and have my test drive on Sat am. Hope for that combo. Trying to figure out the test drive route around the Bothell/Millcreek area. Also, just received my Birthday Present from Rivian. Crossbars! (not "officially" supposed to open them until my B-day...
  11. R1T set for Rebelle Rally 2021 [Oct 7th - 16th]

    Team 140 at about -11min mark
  12. Full size spare external placement

    Here is one I have been looking at. Hitch mount and is built with an additional receiver for added flexibility