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    R1S updated estimated delivery window email (received June 11)

    Thank you for your preorder and your commitment to helping us create a more sustainable world. As we continue to assess our supply chain and build plans, we want to provide an update on your estimated delivery window. Your Launch Edition R1S estimated delivery window is October - December 2022...
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    Automotive News - Rivian ready for big things - Forest Edge on the production line!!! Black R1S !!!

    You can see Forest Edge on the third slide. tons of other factory pictures including a Midnight black R1S on 21s...hoods and tailgates in tons of colors
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    New R1T tailgate patent?!?

    Interesting posting on carbuzz Rivian Takes Fight To Ford, Chevy, And Ram With Unique Tailgate Step
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    Walkthrough Video R1T purchase process online

    Found this on YouTube. Detailed walkthrough of the online purchasing process
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    Inside the Rivian Plant: It’s like Google and Toyota had a baby. R1S production before December
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    Official: Shocker: 2022 Rivian R1T Proves Electricity Is Better Than Gasoline for Off-Roading & Overlanding
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    New Video - Motortrend - R1T Suspension Explainer

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    Post from COO of Snow Peak (Rivian Camp Kitchen)
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    Official: RIVIAN MEMBERSHIP Announced [1 year free trial beginning at day of delivery]

    Update per @cohall Rivian Customer Service confirmed the trial is 1 year beginning at day of delivery. We’re excited to introduce Rivian Membership as a way for owners to engage with us and with each other, to encourage appreciation and protection of the...
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    Motortrend Videos are gone…did anyone download them?

    Seems like the videos have disappeared from the massive info drop on motortrend. Did anyone download them before they were taken down?
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    Another change? 20" AT wheels no longer forged?

    Pretty sure the conversations regarding the 20s included the fact that the wheels were forged vs. machined. I know seems that in the configurator all wheels are machined including the 20s
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    LUCID UX Presentation

    just got this from Lucid
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    Rivian R1T Pics and Writeup From CT Event to Support Direct EV Sales

    Tons of pictures from the CT Event to support direct EV sales...and nobody took any interior hard can it be..
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    Information Meridian Sound System - for both the R1S and R1T

    can't remember having seen this before...not sure if Meridian made updates to their website or if I missed this before:
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    Rivian removable speaker - best look at the removable Bluetooth speaker

    From RJ's "Rivian Guides" Video at 0:51