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  1. R1T Trip report. Round trip Portland OR to San Jose CA

    That's awesome! Thanks for the writeup! There are a few blue Rivian around San Jose. I wonder if it was me?!?
  2. Should you buy a Rivian? My experience ---so far my experience has not been positive

    Really sorry to hear about the troubles you've had and I realize there isn't much we can say here to make that any easier for you. I've had mine for 2 months now and have clocked about 1,400 miles over that time. I've had trouble pairing my bluetooth Camp Speaker and a very, very minor...
  3. Rattles & Squeaks

    It definitely isn't a huge deal. One of those things that, after hearing it, it is all I hear. lol.
  4. Cinco de Mayo Top Tip!

    Probably the most practical post I’ve ever seen on this forum. 😂
  5. Rattles & Squeaks

    I've noticed a very small squeak as well. It seems to be on the driver's side, as you said, and particularly at low speed and over speed bumps or situations when there is a good bit of wheel travel. It's very slight and high pitched. I don't hear it at higher speeds. I don't even think most...
  6. Tesla to Rivian: Any Regrets?

    I went from a 2020 M3 (with the SW performance upgrade) to an R1T. I’ve been in the Rivian for about 6 weeks at this point. We sold a Prius V and my partner kept the M3, so we have two electric vehicles now and I drive them both regularly. Overall, the Rivian is well built an very capable...
  7. My truck was unable to DC fast charge! Briefly stuck in CA.

    Oh gosh. Let us know how it goes...and good luck!
  8. What did you do in your Rivian today? 🏔🏝☀️❄️🕶

    Drove to work. My colleagues wanted to ride to lunch so I got elected. That vehicle never fails to impress.
  9. TFLEV "Towing, Off-Road & Charging - What I Learned About the Rivian R1T After Living With It a Week!" video.

    I think the battery temp would be interesting, but I'm not sure what the average user would do with that information. How would they know what an 'optimal' recharging temp even is? And what would they do about it if they have to charge? And as you said, there are thousands of batteries...
  10. What is the Arc to the right of the gear selection on the driver's display?

    If it was that, you'd think they'd put the actual 'gear' selection in there, too.
  11. What is the Arc to the right of the gear selection on the driver's display?

    I'm glad you asked this. I've had the same question!
  12. March - April 2022 Delivery Club/Hype Thread

    R1T, Pacific Blue, LE with 20's and Off-road package. Also got the all-weather floor mats and the tent. Was pre-order 54XX and got the March - April email. It is really interesting to see the wide range of order dates that fell into the March - April time slot.
  13. R1T mountain carving, off-road and on-road [Videos]

    That's really cool. I see a blue one at my gym frequently, which is near Mt Hamilton. I don't think it is the same one, though.
  14. Rivian R1T - My (Owner) First Impressions [Video]

    Thanks so much for posting these updates! REALLY appreciate the detailed walkthrough.
  15. Anyone else wonder why the regular All-terrain wheels aren't offered in a dark option?

    I had decided on the Launch Green, but saw a white one pass by today when I was out running. Quite a surprise - and the color looked amazing. I will prob change my order now.
  16. Video of Rivian DRIVER+ Hands Free Driving - Graphics & Quick Test

    It appears so. Just built on a sensor and compute stack that has a lot more room for OTA improvements. Decent attempt out of the gate, though.
  17. Tonneau Mixed Messages...Concerned!

    That is very good perspective! I think you are probably right.
  18. Tonneau Mixed Messages...Concerned!

    I'd honestly rather have a manual cover that is lockable. No matter how well this is designed, there is almost no way it isn't going to collect dirt, dust and water over time that will build up and cause failure. A power cover isn't that big of a deal for me and I'd rather have something...
  19. Just Finished NY First Mile Drive. My R1T impressions & Review

    Thank you for these observations. I have been particularly interested in the visibility. I have a Tacoma I use as a farm truck now and the visibility through the front windshield is terrible, to say nothing of the performance.